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October 27, 2022 9:03am

Greater Louisville Inc. launches innovation consultation program in partnership with Render

Louisville, Ky. (October 27, 2022) – Greater Louisville Inc. added to its array of budget solutions programs with the launch of InnoSolutions. Through the partnership with Render, GLI investors will receive a 10% discount on Render’s innovation services to be connected with start-ups throughout the nation to fill their contracting needs and address their challenges.

“A strong innovation and start-up ecosystem is critical to the long-term success of our regional economy. GLI is thrilled to offer a new service specifically for our business community to help them access resources that are critical to growth and support start-ups,” said Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, president and CEO of GLI. “We are excited to work with Render, a long-term partner in our innovation work, to provide our investors with a new service that will help them innovate their processes, save them money and help them grow.”

Through the program, GLI investors will work directly with Render, at a discounted rate, to connect with start-ups for contracting opportunities that can address their problems and challenges. Render will serve as a consultant, helping investors pinpoint their needs and using their networks to identify and connect with start-ups that can offer solutions. These exclusive services are currently used by some of the region’s largest corporations, middle market companies, and nonprofits. The work aligns with the start-up pillar of GLI’s NOW Louisville strategic plan which aims to facilitate connections between up-and-coming businesses and existing corporations to build a stronger innovation and economic development ecosystem.

InnoSolutions offers a wide range of services that can be selected individually or through engagement tiers and will help GLI investors unlock new ideas, execute programs and campaigns that create positive impact, and integrate innovation best practices into all levels of their organizations. The program allows GLI investors to leverage the resources of a top-notch innovation studio to de-risk innovation. Render will offer services and connections that are custom-designed for individual investors based on their needs. Potential services to be filled by start-ups in Render’s network include:

  • Assisting with updating digital infrastructure
  • Creating roadmaps for innovation projects or a larger innovation strategy
  • Designing branding materials to better engage stakeholders or customers
  • Sourcing and design of startup solution pilots
  • Sourcing and facilitation of fractional C-suite talent and other expertise

“We’re thrilled to be GLI’s preferred partner for innovation services in our region,” said Rebecca Rice, Render’s director of product. “Render helps organizations grow their impact by working more with startups, and we’re excited to make our expanded services available to GLI investors. We do this work because we love it and because we believe that meaningful engagement between startups and larger enterprises creates value not only for the businesses involved, but also for our broader community–this is the kind of activity that fuels big leaps forward for regional economic growth.”

Businesses interested in participating in this program can click here to learn more.

InnoSolutions is part of a full suite of group budget solutions programs available through GLI and participating vendors. Other products include Humana HealthSolutions, HRSolutions with HR Affiliates, V-Soft StaffingSolutions, and WCSolutions with Accident Fund Insurance Company of America. Click here to view all GLI budget solutions programs.


About Render:

Render is an innovation studio that partners with organizations to unlock new ideas to solve their most challenging problems. As a public benefit corporation, they believe in the impact of innovation and envision a world where opportunities outweigh obstacles.

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Greater Louisville Inc. - the Metro Chamber of Commerce is focused on growing the regional economy. As the region’s largest convener of business leadership, GLI leads economic and global outreach strategies focused on business attraction; nurtures the entrepreneurial eco-system; and champions the development of the community’s talent base.  As the voice of Greater Louisville’s business community, GLI advocates for a pro-business environment and facilitates businesses engagement on issues that impact regional competitiveness.  For more information, visit www.greaterlouisville.com.