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GLI Unveils 2018 State Legislative Agenda

(Louisville, KY) – Before a crowd of business, civic, and community leaders, Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce, released its legislative priorities for the upcoming sessions in both Kentucky and Indiana.

“We look forward to this being a very productive session and the newly-formed Louisville Metropolitan Caucus being a springboard to move us forward on many different issues,” GLI President and CEO Kent Oyler told the crowd.  “Each one of these measures and actions allows Kentucky to compete on better ground in the global economy.”

The 2018 State Legislative Agenda includes support for workers’ compensation, tort, and unemployment insurance reforms, among other priorities.  In addition, GLI is supporting the idea of creating essential skills programs in high schools, increasing the age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21, and more comprehensive criminal justice reform for non-violent offenders.  In partnership with One Southern Indiana, GLI will also be advocating for the Nurse Licensure Compact to streamline the licensing agreement between states to increase the number of nurses able to fill staffing shortages on both sides of the river.

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