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Senate Bill 250 gives JCPS leadership the flexibility it needs to deliver results

Last week, Senator Julie Raque Adams (R-Louisville) filed a key piece of legislation that would allow Jefferson County Public Schools to operate more efficiently and effectively. Senate Bill 250 would improve school board functions, streamline central office bureaucracy, and dramatically improve the ability of JCPS leadership to unify the district around a single-cohesive vision.

The changes proposed by SB250 are sorely-needed. Despite multiple changes in the leadership of JCPS in the past several years, bureaucratic hurdles continue to hold the district back from reaching its full potential and fully delivering for students. This problem not only affects the future of students in Jefferson County but the well-being of our economy as a whole. Today’s economy increasingly demands a well-trained workforce, and the status-quo leaves too many students behind. Unless we act now, Kentucky will continue to face challenges in attracting investment and jobs from industries leading the new economy, as our workforce falls further behind regional competitors.

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