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2019-2020 General Assembly Leadership Lineup includes Greater Louisville Lawmakers

Democrats and Republicans in the Kentucky General Assembly have selected a new slate of leaders and committee chairs for the upcoming 2019-2020 legislative sessions in Frankfort. These positions are important for setting not only the priorities of the individual parties but also the legislature itself.

The parties select their internal leaders in caucus meetings before session begins. Positions such as Speaker of the House, Speaker Pro-Tempore, Senate President, and Senate President Pro-Tempore must be formally voted on by the members of their respective chambers at the start of session. Similarly, committee chairs must also be formally approved during session. However, because Republicans hold supermajorities in both chambers, the selections for leadership positions that come from the caucus meetings are generally considered definitive.

Among legislative leadership in both the House and Senate are several lawmakers from the Greater Louisville region. The names of those legislators are italicized below along with other members of House and Senate leadership and committee chairs.

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