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GLI Ambassador Program

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a goodwill representative giving of his/her time and energies to represent and inform members and non-members of the opportunities and benefits offered by membership in Greater Louisville Inc. – The Metro Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the Ambassador Program is both an honor and a privilege as Ambassadors are highly visible in the metro area business community.

  • Ambassador Directory: Tap into current Ambassadors for more information on the committee and how to get involved
  • Event and Ribbon Cutting Photos: Get an inside look into the life of a GLI Ambassador at different GLI events and Ribbon Cuttings

What are the primary objectives of the Ambassador Committee?

  • To congratulate and celebrate members of GLI.
  • To thank members for their continued support of GLI’s mission.

Who is a successful Ambassador?

A successful Ambassador is:

  • Who is driven to engage with GLI and the business community
  • Who is passionate about helping other members engage with GLI
  • Who enjoys expanding his/her professional contacts
  • And, who thrives on being part of a small group of raving GLI fans

What is the purpose of the Ambassadors Committee?

The Ambassadors Committee offers a special opportunity to GLI members to assist with the membership growth of Greater Louisville Inc. focusing on celebrating and thanking members for their commitment to GLI. Participation as an Ambassador is both an honor and a privilege as Ambassadors are highly visible in the metro area business community.

Why be an Ambassador?  To have the opportunity to:

  • be part of transforming our community.
  • be “in the know” about the business community.
  • be part of something bigger than yourself.

What are the qualifications and requirements to be an Ambassador?

  1. Must be an employee of a GLI member in good standing. On a case by case situation, individuals who have served as Ambassadors and are recently in career transition or retired may continue as an official Ambassador.
  2. Ambassador participation per company is as follows:
    • Core Member: 1
    • Trustee: 2
    • P100: 3
    • Pres Circle: 4
    • Chairman: 5
    • CEO Council: up to 10
  3. Must complete the selection and on-boarding process.
  4. Must agree to and sign the Ambassador Commitment Agreement annually.
  5. Must be able and willing to carry out the official duties of an Ambassador with the support of his/her company.
  6. Must perform the minimum requirements.

How is the Ambassador Committee structured?

The Ambassador Committee is an ongoing working committee.  New committee members are required to participate in a selection and on-boarding process prior to joining the full committee.

All Ambassadors meet collectively approximately 12 times a year to:

  • Learn about key chamber and community objectives, events and issues
  • Provide member feedback to key chamber staff
  • Celebrate success and set goals for following year
  • Execute Thank-a-Thon Days

What is the selection process?

Individuals interested in becoming an Ambassador will:

  • Be invited to attend a full committee meeting
  • Be interviewed by the Ambassador Chair and GLI Staff Member
  • Based on interview, be invited to join the committee

On-boarding requirements to receive your GLI Ambassador Name Badge

Within the first quarter of your Ambassadorship, you must complete the following:

  • Attend two Member Celebrations
  • Attend at least two Ambassador Committee meetings
  • Be able to recite the GLI Mission
  • Highly recommended to attend a MyGLI within six months

Once these are completed, your official Ambassador name badge will be ordered for you.  You will be presented with your official name badge by the Ambassador Chair at an upcoming committee meeting.

If for any reason an Ambassador needs to be re-issued a name badge the Ambassador will be asked to cover the cost of the name badge ($15-20).

How will people know I am an Ambassador?

Ambassadors receive a “GLI Ambassador” name badge and a red ribbon to introduce you as a member of the Ambassadors committee immediately.  Please wear it at all GLI events and Member Celebrations. When making phone calls or sending emails on behalf of GLI, you will identify yourself as a GLI Volunteer Ambassador.

What are some of the specific duties of an Ambassador?

  1. Attend Ambassador Meetings – 6 a year.
  2. Participate in Thank-a-Thons – 6 a year.
  3. Actively congratulate members by attending Member Celebrations.
  4. Promote GLI by wearing your Ambassador name badge and red “Ambassador” ribbon at all GLI events and Member celebrations.
  5. Have Fun!

Join the Ambassador Committee!

Contact Brian Schneider at [email protected] or 502-625-0080 for more information!