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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) understands economic growth is inextricably linked to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this spirit, GLI is committed to fostering a business community where all people can thrive and show up as their most authentic selves. We know that our communities are more prosperous–financially, physically, and mentally–when equity is achieved.We recognize the systemic barriers that have prevented Women, LGBTQ+, persons with Disabilities, Veterans, Black, Brown, and Indigenous people from moving ahead, and our work is committed to correcting those injustices through our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. These efforts are vital for the development, sustainability, and prosperity for a more vibrant community.

To this end, we are committed to:

  • Establishing a demonstrated top-down commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that is anti-racist and embraces all religions, gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • Ensuring that employees at all levels of GLI promote the organization’s vision for equity and belonging by taking actions to maintain a welcoming and inclusive workplace.
  • Strengthening, altering, and creating policies to achieve GLI’s desired diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes and advancing equity in the organization and the business community.
  • Leading conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion and how they impact the success and sustainability of our business community.


How GLI advocates for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Diverse & Competitive Workforce

Kentucky will thrive most when it positively attracts and retains the best national and international human capital and talent. To further this objective, Kentucky’s primary, secondary, and postsecondary education institutions should adequately support English as a Second Language (ESL), foreign language, and global competency programs.

In addition, state immigration regulations, public policies, and incentives in Kentucky should welcome and encourage top talent to settle in the Commonwealth. Immigration and positive domestic in-migration legislation should streamline compliance with immigration regulations for Kentucky’s businesses to thrive. GLI promotes and embraces diversity, inclusion, and equality. GLI strongly opposes any discriminatory legislation or regulation that might hinder any person’s desire to live and work in Kentucky.


GLI works hard to initiate, support, and promote inclusive strategies. You can learn about some of those initiatives below:


Power to Prosper Minority Business Accelerator

Power to Prosper Minority Business Accelerator Alumni Directory

Racial Equity Pledge

GLI Racial Equity Agenda

GLI’s Business Council to End Racism

NOW Louisville

To see local, state, and federal agendas and top legislative priorities GLI has in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space, click here.