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Our goal is to attract skilled new talent to the Greater Louisville region and expand and retain our region’s existing talent pool. Our plan is to remake and strategically market an authentic, distinct and positive “brand” for our region. In addition, we plan to accelerate our skilled worker recruitment and retention process through robust data analytics, crowd-sourced social media, business toolkits, community marketing, and civic leadership. Following are a few examples of key talent strategies GLI is working on with business and community leaders:

  • Community ambassador program empowered by a robust online toolkit of information and resources to help attract professionals. This includes training and equipping recruiters and ambassadors, providing easy access to job postings and company websites, real estate and education links, and information on quality of life.
  • Branding campaign with dynamic content designed for our target audiences, including international, health, technology and service-related professionals, with a focus on Greater Louisville’s 5 cluster industries.
  • Leverage the Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP) network to provide targeted retention, recruitment, and development of top global talent.
  • Facilitate a mentorship program offering university students and young professionals connectivity and a pathway for career development in Greater Louisville. The new generation of workforce wants to know where their career paths are going and seasoned, experienced executives can help with this.
  • Expand the reach of the EnterpriseCorp to increase support of start-up companies.
  • Provide networks of support to the self-employed (1099) “gig-workers.” Small business owners may be induced to relocate to enjoy Louisville’s competitive cost of living or unique industry strengths.
  • Crowdsource recruitment of individuals with existing connections to the region.