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About GLI

Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) is the Metro Chamber of Commerce. We represent a 15-county bi-state region in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We provide business-to-business connections, networking events, economic development, advocacy, diversity, equity and inclusion services, and talent attraction, retention, and development initiatives.

Our Mission: GLI’s mission is to shape the economic future of Greater Louisville through job creation and growth, and community investment.

Our Vision: GLI’s vision is to create a region with a  growing economy where businesses succeed and people thrive.


Is GLI part of Metro Government?
No. Greater Louisville Inc. is an independent not-for-profit organization, separate from Metro Government. GLI works closely with government partners on the local, state and federal levels to improve our region’s business environment. GLI is where business leaders come together to drive job and wealth creation.

How is GLI governed?
Greater Louisville Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c) 6 organization. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of no less than 40 and no more than 75 Voting Directors– an exact number to be fixed from time to time by the Board. The number of Voting Directors may be fixed or changed from time to time, with the minimum and maximum, by resolution duly adopted by the Board.

The Executive Committee of the board oversees the operation and management of Greater Louisville Inc. and is made up of 13 elected members from the Board of Directors. Officers of the board include the Chair, Chair-elect, immediate past Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. To access GLI’s full governing body, click here.

Is GLI part of the U.S. Chamber or Kentucky Chamber?
No. Greater Louisville Inc. is an independent organization that serves as the Metro Chamber of Commerce and economic development leader for the Greater Louisville region. GLI is a member of both the Kentucky Chamber and the U.S. Chamber, and works closely with both organizations on business community priorities. GLI does not endorse political candidates, and does not support these efforts of either organization.

Does GLI endorse candidates or have a PAC?
No. Greater Louisville Inc. is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse political candidates, maintain a PAC, or participate in campaign activities.

GLI is committed to helping educate our members on issues that impact the competitiveness of our region and the ability of local companies to hire, grow and prosper. Through our advocacy efforts we provide resources to help members make informed voting decisions and get engaged on pressing business community issues.

How is GLI funded?
Greater Louisville Inc. is funded through a combination of private investment, investor contributions over and above dues for economic and community development activities, sales of sponsorships, events and other products, and various operating grants.

Why is the chamber so involved with education?
Quantum increases in educational attainment at all levels are the most fundamental and important component of developing a workforce capable of attracting, filling, and retaining new-economy jobs. As such, one of the core objectives of GLI’s economic and community development strategy is attracting, retaining and developing an educated, highly-skilled and diverse talent pool for the region.

Why is GLI involved in regionalism?
A true regional economy requires the collaboration of distinct communities working together to retain and attract an educated and plentiful workforce, enabling the region to grow, thrive and prosper. Only when each of us succeeds do we all succeed – and that includes our regional communities. The Greater Louisville economy and workforce transcend county and state lines, therefore too, should our thinking.

Regions provide the economy-of-scale that can drive innovation and GLI is committed to fostering new ideas through networking regional assets and operating under a common mission with the counties surrounding us in Kentucky and Indiana.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?
Greater Louisville Inc. – The Metro Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to connecting and growing businesses. We lead economic development for the region, driving job creation and entrepreneurship. GLI is committed to transforming our community by improving the region’s quality of life, advocating for a pro-business environment and developing a talented workforce. Greater Louisville Inc. is a private, not-for-profit 501(c) 6 organization. The Chamber is not a government body.

How do I become an investor in GLI?
Joining Greater Louisville Inc. is easy! Simply complete our investor application or contact Brian Schneider at 502.625.0080 or [email protected].

How do I request a ribbon cutting for my business? 

We would love to celebrate your business’ special occasion! Fill out this form or reach out directly to Brian Schneider at 502.625.0080 or [email protected] to get on our schedule.

What is the cost?
Chamber investment levels are based on the level of benefits you wish to receive and your investment in the region’s economic and community development. You’re invited to join the movement to protect our region’s economic future. Learn about the benefits of a GLI membership.

Are dues tax deductible?
Chamber dues are deductible for federal income tax purposes as a business expense.

Where is the Chamber located?
Greater Louisville Inc. – The Metro Chamber of Commerce is located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky on Main Street.
101 S. Fifth Street, Suite 2300
Louisville, KY 40202

What geographic area do you represent?
A 15-County/2-State Regional Area: Clark County, IN; Floyd County, IN; Harrison County, IN; Scott County, IN; Washington County, IN; Bullitt County, KY; Hardin County, KY; Henry County, KY; Jefferson County, KY; Meade County, KY; Nelson County, KY; Oldham County, KY; Shelby County, KY; Spencer County, KY; and Trimble County, KY.

How can I get my login information for the members-only area of your web site?
Your login is sent via email when you join. If you did not receive this or need a quick reminder, please contact Miriam Nally at 502.625.0156 or [email protected].

How can I look up my company listing or other companies?
To look up a company, use the Directory Search function for the Online Membership Directory on our website.

How can I update my company listing or add representatives?
You can update your company’s information by contacting Erin McKinney at [email protected].

I work at a company that is an investor in Greater Louisville Inc. Do I need to join the Chamber separately to take advantage of the benefits?
All employees of Investor companies are also considered investors and are eligible to receive full benefits, including attendance at Chamber programs and events at a discounted rate. Email GLI for more information about getting your staff involved in the Chamber.

I am a member of the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Network, Health Enterprises Network and/or TechFirst. Does that mean I am also a member of Greater Louisville Inc.?
Though these networks are affiliates of Greater Louisville Inc., they function as independent networks with separate membership benefits and dues structures.

How can I get more involved with the Chamber?
The Chamber offers a variety of opportunities for members to take leadership roles with the important issues that will shape our region’s future prosperity. Email GLI for more information.

How can I find a list of upcoming Chamber events?
View a complete list of Chamber events here.

How do I register for Chamber events?
Online registration is available through our online events calendar. Advance registration with payment is required. Online registration is secure and requires payment by credit card. If you prefer, you may also register via email [email protected] or 502.625.0000.

I want to be informed about upcoming Chamber events. Can I sign up for the Chamber’s mailing list?
Greater Louisville Inc. offers a variety of ways to stay informed with the Chamber, Government Affairs and in the Louisville economic development scene. Learn more about our eCommunications.

Can I use the GLI logo on my website?
Yes! Please contact Christine Tarquinio at [email protected] for an approved logo.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?
Sponsoring Chamber programs and events is a great way to market your company and its products or services to a targeted audience of business leaders and consumers. For more information, contact Alana Rose Turner Sponsorship Sales Manager, [email protected] 502.625.0031 to get started.

How do I contact Chamber members?
There are many opportunities to connect with Chamber members in person at programs and events throughout the year. Because we respect our members’ privacy, we do not make their email addresses available to the public. If you are interested in purchasing direct-mail lists or labels, please contact Alana Rose Turner, Director, Sponsorships & Budget Solutions, [email protected].

How do I get visitor information?
Our talent attraction and retention website, LiveinLou.com has a lot of information on neighborhoods, restaurants, and things to do. Follow @liveinlou on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for more information on all things Lou. You can also visit the Louisville Tourism’s website for information on attractions and current events.

I am interested in moving to Louisville. Where can I get more information on relocating?
Information on how you can find a new you in Louisville is available through our talent attraction and retention website, LiveinLou.com. There you can find information on open job opportunities, neighborhoods, schools, things to do, and even a cost of living calculator. We also offer a City Ambassador program called City Champs, where you can connect with people who share the same interests as you do.

I am an employer looking for information about Louisville to help recruit talent from out-of-state. Where can I find this information?
You can find a plethora of information on all things Louisville on our talent attraction and retention website, LiveinLou.com. You can also contact Christine Tarquinio at [email protected] for additional information or assistance with relocation information.

I am new to Louisville. Where is the best place for me to get information about my new hometown?
As a GLI investor, you can attend a number of networking events to help you get involved in Louisville. Additionally, you can visit our talent attraction and retention website, LiveinLou.com. There you can find information on open job opportunities, neighborhoods, schools, things to do, and even a cost of living calculator. We also offer a City Ambassador program called City Champs, where you can connect with people who share the same interests as you do.

Who can I contact to discuss the talent attraction needs that my company has?
You can reach out to Christine Tarquinio, Vice President, Talent Workforce & Brand Strategies, at [email protected] or 502.625.0052.

Where can I sign up for information on all things Louisville?
You can opt in to our Live in Lou newsletter at LiveinLou.com and follow us @liveinlou on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.