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Primary Elections in the Greater Louisville Region

The cropping up of yard signs all over the city can only mean one thing: election season is upon us. While several national elections were on the ballot including presidential primaries and congressional seat contests, the meat of the ballot was Louisville Metro Council and state legislative elections. As a…

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Federal regulatory hurdles and their impact on businesses

Recent changes to key business regulation policies at the federal level have introduced challenges for companies, complicating operations and imposing financial burdens. The recent rules handed down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Labor (DOL), and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will drastically impact the business community landscape…

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Greater Louisville Inc. releases 2024 Metro Council Candidate Survey in advance of primary election

Louisville, Ky. (May 6, 2024) – With Kentucky’s primary election less than one month away, Greater Louisville Inc. released the results of its 2024 Metro Council Candidate Survey. While GLI typically conducts candidate surveys for general elections, many Metro Council races will be decided in the primary due to lack…

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Meet the councilmembers: President Markus Winkler

GLI engages in advocacy at all levels of government, but works especially closely with local government to ensure a business-friendly environment. Over the next few months, we will highlight members of the Louisville Metro Council to help our investors learn a bit more about their backgrounds and priorities. GLI is…

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2024 Metro Council Primary Candidate Survey Results

Greater Louisville Inc. is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse or support candidates running for office at any level. However, with many important local races coming up we compiled a short survey to help educate our members on where each candidate stands on business-related priorities. Because a number of…

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Legislative Updates: Week Eleven

Last week was another monumental week at the Capitol. We received the Senate’s version of the budget, saw the full passage of a number of priority legislation, and perhaps most importantly we are in the home stretch of this long session with eight working days left. As we enter these…

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Legislative Updates: Week Ten

Today marks day 48 of the  60-day 2024 Regular Session of the General Assembly. The 2024 session is winding down with only twelve days left. Last week, we saw movement on a number of pieces of legislation and the first gubernatorial veto and override. With only nine legislative days left…

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Legislative Updates: Week Nine

With the bill filing deadlines now past, we are in a countdown to Sine Die and anticipate some big movement on key pieces of legislation. This week also includes GLI Advocacy Day in Frankfort (our favorite day of session!) and we look forward to having investors in Frankfort for the…

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Senate Passes Their Version of the Budget

After several weeks of silence, yesterday the Kentucky Senate presented and passed their version of the biennial budget. While colloquially we refer to the “budget” as a single entity, it more broadly refers to House Bill 6, the executive branch’s functional budget for the next biennium, and House Bill 1,…

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Legislative Updates: Week Eight

This week is sure to be a big one in Frankfort. Today marks the filing deadline for new House legislation, with the Senate deadline following later this week. That means we will see movement on many of our top priorities and other bills we continue to monitor.  Here are some…

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