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July 6, 2022 9:57am

July Investor Spotlight: Louisville Visual Art

Louisville Visual Art

Company: Louisville Visual Art

Founded In: 1909

Number of Employees: 7 full-time employees, and 5 contractors

Describe what your organization does in two sentences. 

With art education, community engagement, and professional support, Louisville Visual Art (LVA) nurtures our city’s diverse artists throughout the creative lifecycle.

Who do you serve?

Artists and creatives ages 5 – 95+

One fact you may not know about my organization is… 

We maintain over 100 active partnerships throughout the Greater Louisville area.

What sets your business apart from others in the way you attract and retain talent?

LVA is a place where employees are given opportunities to learn new skills and take on new challenges. We strive to provide a laid back, flexible working environment. With most of our administrative staff also being visual artists, the opportunity to do meaningful work for the local arts community is rewarding.

What do you like about being an investor in Greater Louisville Inc.? 

We enjoy working with like-minded individuals and organizations to grow and improve our city!

How does your organization engage in the community?

We engage the community through youth programs such as Open Doors, which encourages and inspires over 2,000 participants each year from underserved populations by bringing art enrichment experiences and classes to at-risk youth, refugees and immigrants, victims of abuse and more.

Our community outreach programs for adult artists include The Local Muse, Curate Purchase Inspire, and The LVA Free Wall. The Local Muse is an opportunity for Louisville-area artists to participate in local events, festivals, and markets — free of charge! The goal is to uplift local artists by allowing them to gain exposure and potentially sell their artworks without having to pay the high costs associated with vendor booths. Curate Purchase Inspire (CPI) supports Louisville’s artists, curators, and organizations by placing original art in accessible spaces at local nonprofits and civic buildings. The LVA Free Wall provides a free and safe space for both aspiring muralists and seasoned public artists to work out ideas for large-scale artworks.

How can people engage with your organization?

Visit our website to learn the many ways to get involved with LVA!