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April 29, 2024 1:30pm

Meet the councilmembers: President Markus Winkler

GLI engages in advocacy at all levels of government, but works especially closely with local government to ensure a business-friendly environment. Over the next few months, we will highlight members of the Louisville Metro Council to help our investors learn a bit more about their backgrounds and priorities. GLI is a non-partisan agency, and these posts are for educational purposes only.

Markus Winkler

Markus Winkler is the President of the Louisville Metro Council and represents District 17.

Council Member Markus Winkler

Day job/professional experience:

  • HRIS Manager, 22 years experience in information systems and technology development

Years of service on Louisville Metro Council:

  • 5 Years – Elected in 2018 & 2022

What is the most important issue facing Louisville?

  • Public Safety

What role can the business community play in helping Louisville grow?

  • The business community is often missing in their advocacy within their own employees. You tell us downtown investment is important, but do you tell your employees that regardless of where they live downtown investment is important? As one example.

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