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January 7, 2022 9:34pm

KY House Budget Bills Filed Friday

House budget bills filed Friday

In an unusual move, the House filed their biennial spending plan during the first week of session and prior to the Governor’s budget address. The legislation – House Bill 1, House Bill 241, and House Bill 244 – represents more than $51 billion in state and federal dollars annually with the three bills providing funding for the executive and judicial branches of government as well as the transportation spending plan.


Highlights of the proposed legislation include:

  • Increasing the Base SEEK guarantee to a record high dollar amount of $4,100 in the first fiscal year and $4,200 in the second fiscal year. Every dollar SEEK is increased translates into an additional investment of $800,000 in public school districts.
  • Doubling state funding for full-day kindergarten in both fiscal years to cover the entire cost.
  • Funding a new health care workforce initiative at $20 million in each year of the budget.
  • Fully funding a Workforce Participation Trust Fund at every KCTCS institution.
  • Providing an additional $42 million in each year for anticipated growth in each year for the College Access Program (CAP), Kentucky Tuition Grant Program, and Work Ready Scholarship Program.
  • Providing $200 million for the required state match for the federal infrastructure package.
  • Including $50 million in each year for a special grant to help local governments with road maintenance.
  • Returning the unemployment insurance fund to pre-pandemic levels by allocating $312 million in ARPA funds.


Budget bills are traditionally assigned to the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee for review and consideration. Governor Beshear will outline his spending priorities at the Budget Address to the Kentucky House and Senate on Thursday, January 13. Stay tuned to Policy Distilled for more information as these spending plans are reviewed and finalized throughout the 2022 Session.