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Louisville, KY: An Emerging Tech City

Louisville has a burgeoning tech ecosystem that includes 20,000 people working in the region’s existing 1,300 tech companies. Code Louisville and LouTechWorks are efforts to elevate how Louisville prepares the workforce for tech jobs.

Nanotech. Software and tech-based entrepreneurs. Telecommuters in coworking spaces. The 37,000 remote worker jobs available right now. Meetups. Maker faires. Predictive and assistive healthcare. This is Louisville, an emerging tech city in America.

We’ll always have our core sectors of aging care, food and beverage, logistics and advanced manufacturing. But we turn to tech to reprioritize investment, create jobs and more opportunity. And every company is now a tech company to some degree.

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  • Download the Tech City stamp to support this initiative and help grow Louisville as #TechCity!




  • Grow your own. Make sure your own organization has plans in place to attract and grow the technology talent you’ll need to grow your business. Because every job today and in the future requires tech skills. Moving forward we as employers must own our workforce issue, not just for our community, but for the very survival of our companies.
  • Innovate or lose out. Researchers say automation and artificial intelligence will disrupt the fields of office administration, production, transportation, and food preparation. Is your field in danger? Find out here. Shift now to mitigate risk. The Greater Louisville region stands to lose 391,000 jobs in the next 20 years to automation and AI alone. How are you innovating?
  • Post your tech jobs. Through Live in Lou, our talent attraction initiative, we will continue to recruit tech workers.




  • Follow trends. GLI hosted futurist Thomas Fry at its annual meeting to shine a light on efforts to build our digital future. To foster bold expectations, we will be taking our GLIDE trip in September to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley to see tech at scale. Follow #techcityevent online to learn about tech-related events happening in Louisville.
  • Become a JCPS Academies of Louisville partner. Our area continues to build on the success of the JCPS Academies of Louisville where more 100 companies have engaged in shaping the workforce of tomorrow.




  • Advocate for education funding. Follow #GLIAdvocacy to learn how you can connect with local, state and federal legislators on important issues related to education and workforce development.
  • Support local government and nonprofit efforts for digital inclusion. Digital inclusion is the new equity issue of our time. From the Louisville Urban League to KentuckianaWorks, organizations are coming together to equip underserved populations with new technology skills and training goals.

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