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Louisville, KY: An Emerging Tech City


Overcoming job disruption caused by automation

The Greater Louisville Inc. – Metro Chamber of Commerce declared 2019 as The Year of Tech. With 1,915 tech companies and as the area’s fastest-growing job classification, the technology industry has become integral to the Louisville, Kentucky regional economy. The Software Guild, Code Louisville, LouTechWorks and Academies of Louisville are efforts to elevate how Louisville prepares the workforce for tech jobs.

Nanotech. Software and tech-based entrepreneurs. Telecommuters in coworking spaces. Remote worker jobs. Meetups. Maker faires. Predictive and assistive healthcare. This is Louisville, an emerging tech city in America. We’ll always have our core sectors of aging care, food and beverage, logistics and advanced manufacturing. But we turn to tech to reprioritize investment, create jobs and more opportunity. And every company is now a tech company to some degree.

The Year of Tech initiative was launched to promote conversation about Louisville as an emerging tech hub. The goal of the initiative is to bring awareness, build consensus, and ultimately galvanize support for regional growth of the industry.

The Chamber promotes tech-related programs, events, and information under the name Tech City. They also commissioned a formal mapping of the region’s tech companies to further economic development efforts.

Tech City events focus on technical innovation, professional skill education in the applied sciences, application development, blockchain, engineering, healthcare tech, information technology, and robotics. Events that carry the Tech City stamp are cross-promoted on Greater Louisville Inc. – Metro Chamber of Commerce social media platforms and featured on GreaterLouisville.com. The Chamber also developed the Tech City toolkit to empower people to join the conversation and to drive attendance at Tech City-related events. Through Live in Lou, our talent attraction initiative, we will continue to recruit tech workers.

As a region facing job disruption as a result of automation, Louisville’s Year of Tech program played a critical role to bring awareness of the city’s emerging tech hub. This campaign was recognized with a national chamber innovation award.

Here’s a recap of just some of news and events marking the explosive Year of Tech for the greater Louisville area:














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