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February 2, 2022 4:05pm

Investor Spotlight: Canopy

Company: Canopy

Founded In: 2018

Number of Employees: 4 full-time, 6 part-time

Describe what your organization does in two sentences.

Canopy recognizes the changing landscape in business; employees want purpose, consumers are paying attention to who they buy from, healthy communities are good for business, and a healthy landscape is good for business. Through education, certification, and connection, Canopy helps Kentucky businesses participate and succeed within the Good Business movement.

Who do you serve?  

We empower Kentucky businesses and entrepreneurs through the Canopy Certified Program, which guides them towards achieving measurable social and environmental impact, operating with the highest ethical standards, and taking care of all stakeholders along the way. With thoughtfully-crafted points of inquiry and supporting curriculum, the Canopy Certified Program provides a framework for businesses to examine and improve their own practices and be recognized for their verified efforts. 

One fact you may not know about my organization is…  

There’s no other organization like Canopy, we’re the first geographically defined ecosystem of Good Business. We’re putting Louisville and Kentucky on the cutting edge of the Good Business movement with over 50 Kentucky businesses ready to enroll in the Canopy Certified Program in 2022 (and counting). 

What sets your business apart from others in the way you attract and retain talent? 

Our work:

  • Differentiates Canopy Certified companies for consumers and job seekers
  • Inspires new entrepreneurs to pursue social and environmental enterprise
  • Guides businesses towards accountability for ALL stakeholders
  • Attracts like-minded businesses to Kentucky
  • Increases the social and environmental impact of for-profit business throughout the state
  • Helps keep our young talent in state
  • Puts Kentucky on the map as a forwarding thinking state, working to redefine business

 What do you like about being an investor in Greater Louisville Inc.?  

We are a proud GLI investor because of our shared vision for progressive economic development in Louisville. Exposure to the local business community also helps us establish credibility, identify partners, and improve our service to meet the needs of other GLI investors.

How does your organization engage in the community? 

We engage in the community by hosting and participating in educational events, by empowering Canopy Certified companies to generate positive impact, and by connecting stakeholders across the state. 

How can people engage with your organization?  

Join us at our 2nd Annual Good Business Summit (Thursday, April 14 9:30am-2pm, Speed Art Museum). Sign up and learn more by visiting our website (canopyky.org) , emailing our team ([email protected]), and/or following us on social media (@canopyky).