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Infrastructure impacts every aspect of a business: top line, bottom line, supply chain, personnel, customer service – you name it and infrastructure has the power to make or break it.

Louisville excels both as a reliable provider of cost-effective services (utilities) and as a central location offering easy access to the nation and the world (transportation).  Businesses who move or expand here are able to operate at lower costs and move products and people more easily, making Louisville’s infrastructure an automatic competitive advantage for companies who locate here.

TRANSPORTATION – Greater Louisville is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population and, as the home of UPS WorldPort, within a day’s flight for packages to almost any global destination.  Our central location and excellent transportation systems make our region a prime site for industry.  Expansion Management gave us a five-star logistics rating and ranked Louisville the second-best city in the country for logistics.  We continue to build on our natural strengths and earned successes to further establish ourselves as a national leader in logistics.

  • Roadways:The highway system in Greater Louisville provides one-day access to well over 60 percent of the major domestic markets via Interstates I-65, I-64, and I-71. In addition, a secondary road network provides convenient ingress and egress to the major interstate highways.
  • Runways:Louisville International Airport provides dependable service to numerous international and domestic gateways and, thanks to the recent $1 billion UPS investment in expanding Worldport to 5.2 million square feet, Louisville has 253 in-bound and out-bound UPS flights a day.  Find out more about Louisville’s airport, commercial flight service and UPS Worldport.
  • River:Two public inland ports and 48 private terminals on the Ohio River provide a competitive advantage in handling bulk products with access on the U.S. inland waterway system from the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Gulf of Mexico. The Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville recorded the highest quarterly shipments in its 30-year history during the first quarter of 2015, up 10% from the previous record set in the first quarter of 2014.
  • Railways:Greater Louisville is served by three Class I railroads: Canadian Pacific (CP), CSX and Norfolk Southern (NS). Both CSX and NS railroads provide Louisville with direct rail service to all markets east of the Mississippi River as well as connecting service to the West Coast. The city is also one of four regional hubs for CSX.