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Overall utility costs in Kentucky continue to be among the very lowest in the nation, providing yet another competitive business advantage. With vast natural resources for the provision of energy, natural gas and water supply, Greater Louisville is a cost effective location. Coupled with a strong technology network, companies are assured quality access to a complete infrastructure needed to be operational.

Gas & Electricity

Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) Company and Kentucky Utilities (KU) Company, part of the PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL) family of companies, are regulated utilities that serve more than 1.3 million customers across more than 90 counties and have consistently ranked among the best companies for customer service in the United States. LG&E serves 329,000 natural gas and 418,000 electric customers in Louisville and 16 surrounding counties. KU serves 558,000 electric customers in 77 Kentucky counties and five counties in Virginia.

LGE and KU Market Profile 

Duke Energy Indiana, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, serves portions of 69 of Indiana’s 92 counties. In Indiana, Duke Energy owns 6,600 megawatts of energy capacity, supplying electricity to 850,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across a 23,000-square-mile service area, making it Indiana’s largest electric utility. Duke Energy is transforming its customers’ experience, modernizing the energy grid, generating cleaner energy and expanding natural gas infrastructure to create a smarter energy future for the people and communities it serves.

Duke Energy Quick Facts and Programs


Louisville Water’s footprint includes more than 1,000 square miles in Louisville Metro and surrounding counties. The customer base includes more than one million people.  Since October 16, 1860, the Louisville Water Company has been a lifeline to the region, supplying safe drinking water for homes, businesses and schools.

Louisville Water’s rates give a benefit to large and small businesses. Whether you’re a coffee shop or an industrial manufacturer, the rates make it affordable to make your product in Louisville.

Louisville Water Rate Schedule