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June 26, 2024 2:08pm

Entrepreneur & Innovation month with GLI Investor, Amplify Louisville

Each month, GLI will be highlighting its investors and showcasing the services they provide in the community. For the month of June, we are focusing on the entrepreneurs and innovators that make up the Greater Louisville region. Hear from Amplify Louisville about their work and how they operate with Greater Louisville Inc.

Amplify Louisville

1. What is Amplify?

Amplify is the state-funded entrepreneurial support organization for Louisville and itssurrounding areas. We serve tech-enabled, venture-backable startups, agnostic to industry, from ideation to their first growth stage investment round. We do this with coaching, resources, events and programs, and overall community navigation.

2. How many members are a part of Amplify, who are they?

Amplify is a resource center that has served over 200 entrepreneurs and startup companies. We have a virtual online community of over 250 profiles. We have over 4k subscribers across multiple channels including our memberships, mentorship, social and email and other platforms.

3. How do you become a member and what are some of the benefits of being a member?

Amplify offers many resources at a FREE level such as connectivity to mentorship, access to talent, capital resources, coaching and programming, and networking opportunities. Our paid membership includes access to over $1M in perks and specialty discounts for local, regional, national and global resources with everything from local events and vendors to $5K credit for AWS, $17K for Hubspot as examples.

To get started visit amplifystartups.com/membership.

4. Do you have any upcoming events or activities coming up?

Venture Connectors, powered by Amplify, to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in a professional but relaxed forum, hosts a monthly luncheon at The Kentucky Science Museum. The next one is scheduled for July 10th at 11:30 am with guest speakers Dan Ross-Li, Garrett French, and Charley Miller (startup founders) who will be discussing the art of folding a company with grace and leaving a slender thread of hope in the form of a “minimal business life form.”

Registration is open now at https://ventureconnectors.org/

5. Any advice for those looking to start a business in the Greater Louisville region?

Starting a business in the Greater Louisville region can be incredibly rewarding with the right approach and utilization of available resources. Amplify is a great resource for tech-enabled startups and will help founders navigate the ecosystem. Come see us, visit us online to explore our resources, and join our startup meetups and networking events to build relationships with other founders and potential support partners.

6. How does Amplify work with GLI?

We are GLI’s partner for early-stage startup support. We provide GLI with data around venture capital and work closely to provide connectivity between corporate businesses and startups.