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February 23, 2021 2:38pm

A statement from GLI on proposed West Louisville TIF legislation

A statement from GLI President & CEO, Sarah Davasher-Wisdom on proposed West Louisville TIF legislation

“GLI continues to support investment in West Louisville neighborhoods, recognizing it is a critical piece of creating equitable economic opportunities for generating wealth and mobility in our region. GLI applauds the bi-partisan group of legislators who offered their leadership on this significant legislative package that will support West Louisville. We recognize investment and development in this historic area must be community-driven and with a focus on empowering West Louisville residents. We appreciate the focus and care that went into the careful design of this legislation.

Following our GLIDE trip last year, our business community saw firsthand the fertile ground for new and exciting opportunities in West Louisville. This bill will help drive investment and economic opportunity while also actively working to prevent displacement of current residents. It also seeks to preserve the unique culture and spirit of West Louisville neighborhoods by ensuring local control and direct community input on how to most effectively leverage investments and growth. We look forward to working aggressively with community partners and stakeholders to support passage of this legislation in the 2021 session.”