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January 26, 2023 12:40pm

Mayor and local partners announce investments to reduce homelessness

Mayor Greenberg announced a sweeping plan today to reduce and prevent homelessness with the creation of a community care campus, investments in eviction prevention, and the creation of affordable housing.

Community Care Campus with Norton, UofL, and Coalition for the Homeless

Along with partners from Norton Healthcare, UofL Health, and Coalition for the Homeless, Mayor Greenberg announced the creation of a one-of-a-kind community care campus to address the critical gap in available services for those experiencing homelessness. This unique model will create a continuum of care, bringing together 24/7 case management, medical support services, and temporary housing.

“For more than a year Norton Healthcare has been partnering with U of L Health and the Coalition for the Homeless to redesign how Louisville can provide the best possible healthcare and support services to our patients who are experiencing chronic homelessness,” said Riggs Lewis, System Vice President Health Policy at Norton Healthcare, Chair of the Health Enterprises Network, and member of GLI’s Public Policy Council. “By sharing our clinical data and solutions with the Coalition’s expertise we realized that, in partnership with Louisville Metro Government, we can help break a cycle that keeps too many trapped in homelessness. We’re proud of this collaboration and eager to get started with our newest partner in Louisville Metro Government.”

Reducing homelessness and increasing affordable housing is one of the top priorities in GLI’s 2023 Local Agenda. Today’s announcement ties in with the policies recommended by the Greater Louisville business community including developing a comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness, providing accessible wrap-around services, investing in eviction prevention, and creation of affordable housing.

The new campus will be located on East Breckinridge Street in the Smoketown neighborhood just east of I-65 and will include nursing stations, laundry facilities, housing, and more. Data from the partners shows that more than 80% of Louisville’s homeless individuals are located in the I-65 corridor.


Mayor Greenberg announces investments to reduce homelessness at press conference on Thursday.

Eviction Prevention and Permanent Supportive Housing

Also announced today was the allocation of $8.25 million of federal ERAP (Emergency Rental Assistance Program) funding to be deployed through three local nonprofits. The Association of Community Ministries will use $5 million to provide direct rental assistance to households; Louisville Urban League will receive $2 million to assist clients with the security deposits and the first month’s rent; and the Legal Aid Society will receive $1.25 million for mediation assistance and legal fees for families navigating eviction court.

Finally, Mayor Greenberg announced that the city is accepting applications for partners to utilize $24 million for permanent affordable housing for low-income households at or below 50% of AMI.