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January 23, 2024 11:30am

Legislative Session Updates: Week Four

After a short and chilly week, we are headed into week four of this long legislative session. Last week we saw the unveiling of the House budget legislation and some big moves by priority bills in committees.

House Budget

The bill on everyone’s minds last week was the House budget proposal. This highly anticipated legislation was filed Tuesday night by the Chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Representative Jason Petrie. House Bill 1 outlines a collection of proposals to spend a portion of the budget reserve trust fund on one-time investments in a broad range of areas such as infrastructure, economic development, public safety, and public pension system liabilities totaling $1.7 billion dollars. House Bill 6 serves as the budget proposal for the Executive Branch totaling $124.8 billion dollars. These bills focus on the long-term priorities of the House Majority with the goal of ensuring the income tax reduction revenue triggers are met. We outline these bills in more detail here[LINK].

Even Year Elections

A proposed constitutional amendment filed by Senator Chris McDaniel would move to have all constitutional officers’ elections moved to even numbered years like their legislative colleagues. Senate Bill 10 proposes an amendment to Section 95 of the state constitution relating to the elections of constitutional officers which includes the Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture. This bill passed 26-9 in the Senate last week and would require a three-fifths vote in favor by the House before going on the ballot this November.

AI Taskforce

The House has published a concurrent resolution to establish an Artificial Intelligence Taskforce for the upcoming interim. HCR 38 grants this impending taskforce the ability to study the impact of AI usage in state government and what consumer protections need to be implemented to properly safeguard the public and private sectors. Taskforces meet during the interim and submit their findings to the larger body for consideration.

Bill Status Updates

  • SAFER KY: Passed House Judiciary Committee
  • Paid Leave: Will be voted on in the House 1/22/2024