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January 6, 2021 9:56am

Kentucky 2021 legislative session gets off to a quick start

The 2021 session of the Kentucky General Assembly got out of the gates yesterday and did so quickly. Aside from the ceremonial swearing in of members, election of leaders, establishing committees, and establishing rules of procedure, the House and Senate majorities each filed a number of priority bills – all of which received first readings and two of which were out of committee by days end.  It seems clear that the GOP Leaders in both chambers plan to get the session off to a fast start, and it is expected that most of these priority bills will pass both chambers before the legislature recesses part one of the 2021 Session, which may continue through Saturday and a few days next week.

Priority Bills

The GOP Majority in each chamber filed a number of priority bills and provided some explanation of those on the floor or in press briefings:

  • Senate Bill 1 – Requires a declaration of emergency to be limited to 30 days unless approved by the General Assembly
  • Senate Bill 2 – Deals with limiting emergency administrative regulations
  • Senate Bill 3 – Reorganized the Ag Development Board to the Department of Ag
  • Senate Bill 5 – Provides relief from COVID Liability for businesses
  • Senate Bill 9 – Born Alive abortion bill
  • House Bill 1 – COVID Relief Bill to help businesses restart the economy coming out of COVID
  • House Bill 2 – Regulation of Abortion Procedures – 1st Reading and Passed out of House Judiciary
  • House Bill 3 – Deals with the venue of cases particularly involving state government actions in Circuit Court
  • House Bill 4 – Constitutional Amendment related to Sessions of the General Assembly
  • House Bill 5 – Deals with the reorganization power of the Executive Branch

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