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GLI, in partnership with our business communitycommunity partners and elected officials, have identified six pillars that are critical to the evolution of Greater Louisville. They center around innovation, startups, clusters, talent, inclusion, connectivity and mobility, and all work together to advance economic growth and prosperity for our region. Each pillar has designated metrics, requiring GLI to work in conjunction with our partners to move the needle and elicit real, measurable change.

Greater Louisville has consistently been in the middle of the pack relative to our peer cities. National and international competition for businesses, jobs, and talent is fierce. We must take our efforts to the next level if we are to compete and win.

These metrics show where we are succeeding, and where there is additional work to be done. Just as there is no single root cause for the challenges we face, there is also not a single strategy, initiative, or infrastructure project that can overcome those challenges. Instead, a multi-pronged approach to economic development is needed. We must attack our challenges from a variety of angles in a strategic, well-coordinated, and efficient manner to innovate, develop, grow, and serve our community.

​The metrics below were selected to track Louisville’s progress on GLI’s “Now Louisville: 2020-2025” strategic plan.