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Bi-State Issues

Regional MapIn 2016, Greater Louisville Inc. and One Southern Indiana established a 15-county bi-state region to work together to accelerate regional economic growth. This partnership’s mission is to support and grow the regional economy, making the Greater Louisville region more competitive in the global marketplace. GLI’s Bi-State Issues Committee focuses on policies that promote regionalism and economic growth on both sides of the Ohio River.

The Bi-State Issues Committee generally meets twice per year—once in the Fall and once in the Spring—and also receives specialized emails and calls-to-action on issues related to the Committee’s interests. To learn more about joining the Committee, send us a quick email. All GLI investors are eligible to serve on one or more of GLI’s six Issue Advisory Committees.

 2022 Bi-state Priorities

To read more about GLI’s State Legislative priorities, click here. For legislation we are tracking, click here.

  • Establish economic development incentive reciprocity with Indiana
  • Support infrastructure and land development in Southern Indiana through READI
  • Ease licensing rules across state lines
  • Pass stronger pregnant workers protections in Indiana
  • Fund regional public transportation
  • Expand access to regional broadband
  • Continue funding Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative
  • Support tuition reciprocity in Kentucky and Indiana