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2018 Federal Agenda

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In an increasingly globalized world, no single regional economy can exist in isolation. Today’s businesses require freedom, flexibility, security, and modernized infrastructure to succeed. To this end, these priorities represent what the Greater Louisville region needs to continue thriving
as a vibrant economic competitor on the global stage.

Increased access to capital, along with improved technical assistance and capacity building for small businesses, will ensure that our entrepreneurs have a supportive environment in which to innovate. Funding for early childhood and STEAM education, increased recruitment of visa programs and access to a global talent pool in order to attract highly-educated workers, and improved infrastructure provide the tools needed to compete. Health care reforms, along with funding for mental health and substance use disorders, will ensure a healthy, productive workforce. A pro-growth tax code, reasonable environmental regulations, compensatory flexibility, and competitive labor regulations provide the freedom to succeed. Finally, advancing free and fair trade with other countries will ensure that Greater Louisville businesses have every opportunity to benefit from competitive and open world trade.