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Education & Workforce Development

GLI’s Education and Workforce Development Committee focuses on a range of issues related to our regional labor force. One of GLI’s top strategic goals is to make Greater Louisville home to the most competitive workforce on the globe. This means developing a world-class education system and workforce training programs to cultivate a homegrown workforce as well as pursuing innovative policies aimed at attracting and retaining top talent.

The Education and Workforce Development Committee generally meets twice per year—once in the Fall and once in the Spring—and also receives specialized emails and calls-to-action on issues related to the Committee’s interests. To learn more about joining the Committee, send us a quick email. All GLI investors are eligible to serve on one or more of GLI’s six Issue Advisory Committees.

Education and Workforce Development Priorities

State Priorities

To read more about GLI’s State Legislative priorities, click here. For legislation we are tracking, click here.

  • Attract and retain skilled workforce through relocation and student loan incentives
  • Enact meaningful criminal justice reform
  • Support educational choice
  • Fund full-day kindergarten
  • Increase funding for K-12 and higher education
  • Address acute educator staff shortage
  • Fund substance use disorder treatment and recovery programs
  • Maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce by opposing harmful legislation that could be perceived as discriminatory or unwelcoming
  • Maintain local control for school districts, colleges, and universities
  • Encourage second-chance hiring
  • Stabilize the child care sector
  • Remove barriers to workforce participation and educational and training opportunities
  • Fund workforce development programs