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2015 Legislative Outcomes

By all accounts, the 2015 legislative session was one of the most successful in GLI history. Of our eight top priorities, we helped pass significant legislation addressing telecom reform, heroin abuse, and stabilization of the road fund. Even among our long-term priorities, there was progress on early childhood education and pension reform efforts.

Many have heard me say it, but it continues to be true: GLI is back. Our successes in the 2015 legislature are attributable in no small part to our decision to make efficient and effective advocacy a priority. GLI added two new staff to the Advocacy Department in the last year, drastically increasing our visibility in Frankfort. We outlined specific policy priorities in the fall to ensure that legislators in Frankfort would know what Greater Louisville businesses need to thrive. Our members showed up and spoke out. We compounded our lobbying efforts with a robust grassroots advocacy campaign and served as a civic connector, bringing dozens of business leaders to Frankfort to engage in the debate.

The proof is in the outcomes. Critical legislation passed in 2015, some of which has been held up for years. Perhaps most crucially, the legislature passed two pieces of legislation for our infrastructure and workforce.  Additionally, we saw vital reforms made to Kentucky’s telecommunications laws and the passage of intrastate crowdfunding. Two long-term priorities also saw movement with increased pension accountability and transparency, and a quality-based rating system for childcare providers. Beyond these big wins, however, there were some sobering missed opportunities for the business community in 2015. Greater Louisville was hit especially hard on three priorities: LIFT, Principal Selection, and Incompatible Licenses.

While we celebrate our successes and the fruits of our increased advocacy efforts in 2015, we never stop looking forward. After all, there is no gain without hard work. To this end, GLI will continue to be the voice of the Greater Louisville business community in Frankfort.

View GLI’s 2015 Legislative Outcomes (PDF)