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Greater Louisville International Professionals
A Greater Louisville Inc. Initiative

The Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP) showcases Louisville's welcoming and inclusive nature by serving as a trusted source of information, conversations and connections between international professionals and the region’s business community. GLIP also offers a valuable forum for the area’s professionals or companies doing business internationally and thinking with a global perspective.

Greater Louisville International Professionals

About Us

As with most other metropolitan regions in our country, labor trends indicate that Louisville’s future workforce will reflect tremendous diversity and be comprised of a high percentage of international professionals.  With a global economy which will only continue to become more culturally diverse and complex in the coming years, we are wise to embrace these valuable members of our future workforce NOW.

A grant secured from the Louisville-based C. E. & S. Foundation, Humana Foundation, Brown-Forman, and Humana Inc. in 2009 made it possible for Greater Louisville Inc. to leapfrog ahead of other cities by differentiating ourselves to international professionals.

GLIP offers a truly distinctive forum for executive, professional and entrepreneurial immigrants as well as generating synergies between these individuals and the region’s companies involved with international business activity.

Quick Facts

  • Louisville’s immigrant population is growing more quickly than the national average.
  • The number of international workers in our area now exceeds 53,000 individuals.
  • 33% of foreign-born Louisvillians have a 4-year degree.
  • Our region can fortify its competitive advantage and dynamic culture by engaging and attracting bright international talent.


Accelerate Greater Louisville’s transformation into an internationally inclusive “economic hot spot.”


Greater Louisville International Professionals’ mission is to attract and retain international talent by showcasing Louisville as a welcoming and inclusive city of possibilities. G.L.I.P is committed to providing a platform of distinct initiatives, such as social media networks, and hosted events, to engage and connect the accomplished individuals of the international and local community.


  • Maintain an inclusive network of international professionals based in Metro Louisville.
  • Facilitate connections among G.L.I.P.s via hosted events and signature programs.
  • Foster online interaction via our website and social media.
  • Assist executive recruiters and human resources professionals in their efforts to attract, retain, and engage international talent.
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of international talent for economic and community development.

What we offer

  • Talent Sourcing – Our network of talented international professionals is a trusted community resource for tapping global talent. Businesses and community organizations rely on GLIP to connect with and identify key leaders, speakers and talent with an international background.
  • Relocation assistance – G.L.I.P. helps promote our city as an inclusive and welcoming location & helps ensure new international families are connected to the right people, organizations and businesses in Greater Louisville.
  • International Community and Business Connections– Our programs focus on connecting a wide range of international professionals with the local business community for the purpose of business, educational and social interactions, and personal and professional development.
  • Portal to International Community Events – GLIP’s website, social media and newsletter are widely used as a portal to international events and activities taking place in the community.

Data Resources

Additional information about the research, background and data about our region’s international population can be found below:

 Global Louisville Fact Sheet

NAE Report on Kentucky