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October 8, 2019 5:06pm

View the Top Takeaways from #GLIDESF presented by Stoll Keenon Ogden

Here are the lessons from San Francisco in tech, tourism, and regionalism applied to greater Louisville.

Takeaways from #GLIDESF Presented by Stoll Keenon Ogden

Above: Top Takeaways from GLIDE 2019 presented by Stoll Keenon Ogden




Increase Density & Connection

  • Create more opportunities for BigCo engagement with tech innovation, mentorships
  • Secure more direct flights to West Coast
  • Create an innovation district offering business, talent,
    & lifestyle amenities

This was also a theme that we noticed on our Innovation Tour: Indy in August. Innovation Districts are places where people come together across boundaries of public and private because they want to work together for a common reason such as project collaboration, ecosystem collaboration or talent retention collaboration.

Speed of Education

  • Modernize curriculum
  • Develop quick retraining options and certifications
  • Retain more local college grads through internships
    and business engagement
  • Teach use of emerging tech platforms in schools

As we learned on Innovation Tour: Indy, it is important to have a good long game. Indianapolis has adopted a policy of Engage, Explore and Experience to nurture grades k-12 and established a more tailored experience for students, focusing on both the technical skills and workforce readiness skills needed for success.

“1099s Have Souls”

  • Promote co-working spaces
  • Create a “school” for training people in gig work
  • Elevate alternative benefit and compensation options

Art & Innovation

  • More public spaces for people to “create and make”
  • Utilize the Arts to inspire innovation

Just like we learned with Innovation Tour: Indy, GLIDE emphasized that creating a tech ecosystem is difficult work. It requires inclusive, innovative growth strategies, deliberate focus when building the ecosystem and both a long and short game for talent attraction and retention strategies.


Get Dirty in the Vineyard

  • Utilize technology to  streamline the visitor
  • Build boutique hotels and spaces
  • Consolidate and build consensus for the community brand
  • Package the traveler experience to include culinary and unique Louisville scenes


  • Support family friendly farming
  • Become a KIND Traveler destination
  • Promote Uber/Lyft deals for safe driving
  • Weave more stories into ads and community brand


Live in Lou

  • Rebrand “workforce housing”
  • Streamline relocation experience
  • Explore multi-city regionalism for business attraction
  • Increase rental and housing stock