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April 11, 2018 9:52am

The Inner Chamber: VP’s Strategy for Team Investment

Rebecca WoodIn September 2017, I became the Vice President of Investor Growth and Retention role for GLI.  This was an extraordinary privilege and an opportunity to really put my stamp on the way GLI works with its investor base.   Being able to coach our team through the relationship building process and finding new ways to build value with our investors is extremely important as GLI moves forward.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about businesses I meet with, why they invest in GLI, and why I would invest in GLI if I owned a business.  I have told so many of our investors this year that I don’t want them to get an invoice from GLI and ask themselves why they should cut that check.  I appreciate and value a sense of duty to our community and helping it grow, but I don’t want that to be the only reason they invest in this chamber.  I want them to find ways to become truly engaged with us and ways that they can have a voice in what we do.  I want them to join one of our numerous committees, come to one of our roundtable sessions, or just take me up on my offer to make introductions for their business.  I want them to take advantage of the resources that we can provide, and see how that can impact their business.  I want them to say yes when ask to come meet.  We are not just coming to talk about their investment, but we are coming to learn about the amazing things their company is doing, learn about their employees, and find ways we can help them.

Success in my book is the growth of our partnerships with businesses in our region.  Our focus in 2018 is on making direct Business to Business Connections for all our investors.  I have found that it is extremely valuable to sit with an investor in the chamber and ask them for their Top 10 Prospects, and then make one-on-one introductions to many of those businesses for them.  That is a tangible benefit to being an investor in GLI. A business leader can easily point to valuable introductions as a reason they invest with the Metro Chamber.  If they gain one piece of business from those introductions or make one new critical business connection, their investment in GLI is a no-brainer each year.  My vision is for this team to make this our #1 focus in 2018 and every year going forward, to help our investors understand why they take part in this great organization.

At the end of the day, if I owned a business and invested in GLI, I would want to know each time I cut a check why I make that commitment.  All the resources I just mentioned are valuable for business owners, and that would justify staying involved and engaged in GLI.  Every day, I see how what we do makes an impact on this community and the positive impact for years to come.  I want to share those “wins” with our investors, so they can take pride in what they are a part of and what their investment has accomplished.

I am so excited for this year, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things that our team will accomplish and the amazing things that our investors will accomplish in their businesses.   We want to be your partner, and we hope you are looking for that partnership too!