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February 15, 2017 4:12pm

Remember Your First Paycheck?

I remember my first W2 job. I was 16 and earned $1.40 an hour flipping burgers (cliche, I know).  Being the new guy, I often had to close the kitchen and clean out the fryer. It was a tough introduction to the world of work, but I always felt like I gave my employer more than I received in my paycheck.

Along with a few scars from the hot grease, I took away some great life lessons from that first job.  I learned to show up and work hard.  If there was time to lean, the boss found time to clean.  I still remember the feeling that came with my first raise, and the nasty fry grease removed any doubt that I needed to pursue an education and a professional career path.

Now that most of us have reached some level of job success, it’s easy to forget where we came from and complain about “kids these days.”   But what if instead we rallied around our young people and helped them to find their path to prosperity? Turns out, there’s an easy way to do just that! It’s called SummerWorks, and this program makes it easy for you to locate and hire young talent this summer.   It won’t cost you much – just honest pay for the work they’ll do – and the program also offers wrap-around services to help make this a successful experience both for your staff and the youth you hire.

Here at GLI we’re all about talent, and this is one piece of a much larger puzzle that we’re working to build the strong, vibrant workforce that we need to prosper as a region!  We plan to hire some SummerWorks kids at our office and so can you.   Please join with GLI in helping to light the way for at least one young person this summer.  Ready to sign up? Visit Summerworks.org/hire.

Have more questions? Contact Emily Brandon here at GLI.