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January 18, 2017 3:56pm

Long-term Business Priorities Get Legislative Approval

In a major victory for the future economy of Kentucky, the General Assembly succeeded in passing four key pieces of economic growth legislation recetnly. Right-To-Work (HB 1) and a related bill to protect workers’ paychecks by controlling the use of payroll deduction (SB 6), repeal of the prevailing wage (HB 3), and Pension Transparency (SB 3). Each of these bills is a current priority on GLI’s 2017 Legislative Agenda and has been for years.

“We thank and congratulate the Kentucky Legislature on this historic legislation,” said Kent Oyler, President & CEO of Greater
Louisville Inc. “The business community has supported these measures for decades, and now, with strong and decisive action, our elected leaders in Frankfort have made Kentucky far more competitive for business attraction and expansion.”

HB 1 allows an employee to decide if they would like to join a union at their place of work and provides protection against union membership as a requirement for employment.  This piece of legislation, sponsored by House Speaker Jeff Hoover, shows a strong commitment to business attraction, job creation, and accelerating the economy of our Commonwealth.

SB 6, sponsored by Senate President Robert Stivers, is a related Right-To-Work measure that will protect employees from automatic withdrawal of union dues, and require workers to authorize their memberships. This bill enhances employee rights.

HB 3, also sponsored by Speaker Hoover, will remove government-determined wages on construction projects and lower the cost of state construction projects, saving precious taxpayer dollars.

SB 3, sponsored by Senator Chris McDaniel, guarantees pension transparency and mandates the disclosure of benefits for all current and former elected officials.  Enhanced transparency will boost confidence in the Commonwealth’s pension systems and the tax dollars that fund them.

“The swift actions by the General Assembly and the Governor are very promising,” Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, Chief Operating Officer of GLI, said.  “We look forward to working on more pro-business initiatives that will advance our Commonwealth.”

GLI’s mission is to accelerate the regional economy.  These four pieces of new legislation contribute to that mission by creating a far more competitive climate to attract business and investment to Kentucky and for companies to start and expand within the Commonwealth.

To view the progress of all bills being tracked by GLI’s Advocacy Team, please click here.