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January 18, 2017 3:54pm


Founded In: 2012

By: Kevin Foley and Bob Doligale

Number of Employees: 10

Describe what your organization does in two sentences.

Splash Analytics is an advanced data analytics firm that uses a variety of analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling, machine learning and data visualization, to help businesses gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Who do you serve?

We support many different industries, including organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and marketing.  Our clients range in size from small chambers of commerce to large Fortune 100 companies.

One fact you may not know about my organization is…

We are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Splash Analytics next month; however, our core leadership team has been working together for over 25 years.

What do you like about being a member of Greater Louisville Inc.?

GLI serves as a unified voice for our business community, supporting and nurturing the things that allow a city to grow and thrive, like talent and job attraction and retention, favorable business legislation, business networking and workforce
development opportunities.  Supporting GLI means supporting our business and all the businesses in this community.

How can people engage with your organization?

Understanding your data and how  to use it is essential to a successful business. Our team has the tools, techniques, talent, and professional experience to make your data work for you by converting it into actionable intelligence that drives
measurable results.  Just give us a call at (502) 333-9640 or email us at info@splashanalytics.com to start a conversation about how we can help you.