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March 7, 2018 1:07pm


Founded In: 2010 By: Marian Sang

Number of Employees: 27


Describe what your organization does in two sentences.

Omagi provides hair and skin care services with a holistic approach that considers the person as a whole, both the physical and psyche. We also strive to provide world-class attention and enhance the lives of the people we serve.

Who do you serve?

We serve both children and adults from a diverse population.


One fact you may not know about my organization is…

We have won over 50 National awards for best practices in areas ranging from customer service initiatives to employee compensation, benefits, and training.


What sets your business apart from others in the way you attract and retain talent?

In comparison to other salons/spas, our compensation packages are second to none. All our employees are salaried employees. Very few salon/spas offerhealth insurance benefits to employees; however, we offer medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance benefits to any employee working 32 hours a week or more. We offer structured on-site educational programs that include hair cutting, styling, hair color, highlighting, chemical, and extensions.

Additionally, we provide customer service training initiatives. Plus, unlike any other local salon of which we are aware, we offer financial planning/coaching for our employees to better help them budget and make ends meet. Management monitors the career pulse of each employee by coaching each one of them within their career path and enrolling them in different classes to help them along their process.

 For experienced service providers beginning a new career at Omagi, first we evaluate their level of skill and place them in the best program that will best nurture them. These individuals also attend our finishing classes and any other education deemed necessary, desired, or appropriate. Our goal is for our employees to love coming to work and enjoy teamwork in an environment that is nurturing, creative, and exciting. One very popular perk we offer our employees is limited free salon services. Happy employees = happy customers!


What do you like about being an investor in Greater Louisville Inc.?

We like the idea of helping to contribute to the betterment of our city by supporting GLI initiatives. Involvement with GLI reflects our commitment and support for the continued growth and improvement of our city.


How does your organization engage in the community?

Omagi is active in a myriad of community outreach efforts from supporting animal welfare causes to helping the homeless in our community. We are always looking for new, creative ways to give back. In fact, we founded our own charitable arm, Beauty for a Benefit (BFAB!) a few years ago, through which we sponsor fundraising events and efforts to assist local causes.


How can people engage with your organization?

People may like and follow us on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They may also visit our website http://www.omagisalonspa.com. It is through these outlets that we communicate all the happenings and upcoming events at Omagi.

We also encourage people to stop by sometime and take a tour of our facility and enjoy a complimentary hand massage or aromatherapy sensory journey.