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March 29, 2017 4:30pm

Hello Cherry Blossoms, GLI Heads Back to Washington

The 2017 Kentucky and Indiana General Assemblies are almost adjourned and I have already begun hearing a question that troubles me. “Now that session is ending, what are you going to do?”  Some ask in a teasing manner, but others are serious.  I am convinced that any lobbyist would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than be asked about the purpose of his or her existence from April to December.

While it is clear that the session requires all those involved to move at an incredible pace, life will not slow down anytime soon for GLI.  We are leaving behind the daffodils in Frankfort and Indianapolis for the cherry blossoms in D.C.

We have already begun planning our annual D.C. Fly-In, now scheduled for June 21-22nd. Our committees are currently meeting to set the GLI Federal Agenda and we are relying on the voices in those committees to set the priorities that will benefit Greater Louisville’s businesses and community. We will then lobby for those priorities during our fly-in.

Let me confess something: In my previous career, I probably wouldn’t have gone on a D.C. Fly-In because I wouldn’t have understood its importance.  I had toured the Capitol, so why go on a fly-in?  Boy, was I wrong!  Our advocacy trip to D.C. is far from a field trip.

This is a two-day event that includes meetings with both the Southern Indiana and Kentucky delegations, policy briefings by administration officials, and much more.  Previous attendees have recognized the importance of our federal lobbying efforts, giving the trip a 100% satisfaction rating.

When I first started working at GLI, several people relayed stories about a member of Congress actually telling visitors from Louisville that “GLI never comes to visit.”  It had been several years since GLI took a group of business leaders to talk about key issues facing the business community and the absence of the business community was noticed.  It is not enough to say, “I will just see my Member of Congress when he or she visits home.” It is far more compelling to visit D.C. because it sends a powerful ;message that we are a truly interested in growing Greater Louisville’s business competitiveness on all levels.

GLI is only as strong as its investors.  If you want a powerful business community that can wield influence, then sign up to
attend.  If you want to be part of an organization that is noticed only for its absence on important issues, then stay at the office and assume other business leaders will show up on your behalf.  Members of Congress want to see business leaders engaged and it is important that we work together to improve the business climate of our region.

Now, share in the fun and help make progress by joining us in D.C.  The cherry blossoms await.  Register here.