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March 15, 2017 4:21pm

GLI’s Tiered Investment Structure

Greater Louisville Inc. is making a conscious and measured decision to mirror our investment schedule with those chambers of
commerce in like size, scale and mission. Our organization wants to give you plenty of time, two years in fact, to learn about these changes and plan accordingly.

Why would we adjust our investment structure?

The answer is simple: the new structure guarantees simplicity, clarity, and choice when deciding on the best investment level for your business growth plans and GLI’s mission to grow Greater Louisville faster.  Whether you’re looking to connect with the most influential leaders in the community or seeking to influence policy change at the local, state or federal levels, we have the level of benefits right for your business model.

Our new investor levels are built on RESULTS in a value-driven tiered system.  We are an organization a business should look to get things done.  That is what chambers must become, if they are to remain relevant.  We must be the problem solvers.  We must be a results chamber with a mission that inspires people.

This new investment structure allows you to choose a level based on advancing our mission along with the benefits that you
would like to have access to in order to grow your business faster. We recognize that different investors derive different benefits from GLI, and with our new tiered investor structure we have the ability to meet the diverse, evolving expectations of local businesses and deliver on those promises.

To learn more about the new investor schedule, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or any member of GLI’s Investment team.