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March 19, 2020 3:08pm

More of Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, we mentioned the launch of One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund, which was established to provide assistance and deploy resources to individuals, businesses and community-based organizations working on the frontlines of our community’s outbreak. Later that day, Mayor Fischer provided more detail on the fund and listed the following community partners stepping up to help our community: Matthew BarzunCommunity Foundation of LouisvilleMetro United Way, the Christy Brown Family, UPS, the James Graham Brown Foundation and the Humana Foundation. Here are more highlights from the announcement:

  • The Fund will provide flexible funding resources for rental assistance, childcare assistance, transportation aid, food access, utility assistance, pharmaceutical needs and more through payments of $1,000 to eligible households.
  • Funds will be managed by the Community Foundation of Louisville and distribution of payments to individuals will be managed by Metro Government’s Office of Resilience & Community Services.
  • Funding for community groups will be directed to the Community Foundation of Louisville, in coordination with Metro United Way and other fund partners.
  • To be eligible for assistance, individuals/households must be residents of Jefferson County with an income at or below 100% of Area Median Income (AMI). Households seeking assistance should call their local Neighborhood Place location.
  • Community-based organizations seeking assistance should contact the Community Foundation of Louisville.
  • If you would like to make a donation to further these efforts, you may do so here.
  • For additional information, you can learn more here.

The commitment shown from our local businesses through their support of the One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund is incredibly important as we all band together to fight this pandemic. According to an article in the New York Times, new CDC data shows that nearly 40% of patients sick enough to be hospitalized were aged 20 to 54, although the risk for the elderly is still significantly higher than other populations.

This seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of taking care of yourselves physically and emotionally.

If you are a business that is in need of additional workforce, or you if are a business that is scaling back, GLI wants to help. Click the link below and tell us if you are looking for workers, if you are looking to place workers, the number of people you are looking for and what skills are needed.
Top News:

  • Find the latest updates on what employers need to know about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act here. The new leave provisions will be effective on April 2, 2020.
  • Bridgehaven Mental Health Services has created a pantry of items including non-perishable items, quick meals, cleaning supplies, pet care items, diapers and wipes that clients may need during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are in need, or if you would like to donate, please click here.
  • PARC is allowing free 15-minute parking at meters adjacent to restaurants to accommodate people picking up carryout. Be sure to put your flashers on!
  • Rye is offering free meal pick up for restaurant workers who are out of work. If you would like to support those efforts, you can donate here.
  • The Lee Initiative is also offering dinner pick up at 610 Magnolia for out of work restaurant employees from 5:00pm – 8:30pm nightly.
  • Understand the latest COVID-19 updates and their implications with Podchaser’s Coronavirus podcasts.

If you’re a GLI Investor and would like to submit helpful content to be considered for dissemination, please click here.

Questions keep rolling in, so we’re going to answer a few of them today:

Investor Question #1: What changes can we expect from the Louisville Metro Public Works Department? Specifically, will there be an impact on the sanitation department in regard to trash and recycling pick up for the near future?

The only change in service at the moment for Louisville Metro Public Works is that yard waste collection has been suspended (except by request) through April 15, 2020. There are not currently changes to recycling centers or waste pick up. You can stay up-to-date on all things Public Works by subscribing to our Works Week newsletter. Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, Chief, Louisville Forward

Investor Question #2: How will the change in the economy from COVID-19 impact internships, both for Summer 2020 and in the longer term?

At the end of the day, the most important item is the welfare, well-being, and safety of all students. Companies that are flexible and allow for remote working opportunities during these times are the ones who can best take advantage of their talents. For those organizations that need the students on-site, they must practice social distancing and provide a safe working environment, which includes cleaning products, sanitizers, and best practices. We are starting to see a few companies shed their interns along with their regular employees; unfortunately there is no other alternative for some businesses. We understand those circumstances and will not penalize the students for lack of credit hours. Employers should not fear any bad-will from having to dismiss an intern – we are prepared to handle the issue and support the students. We know companies will want to partner with the university in the future – it is a two way street. We need each other and will work to provide creative solutions along the way. T. Vernon Foster, Executive Director of MBA & Graduate Programs, Career Management and PR/Marketing, University of Louisville

Investor Question #3: How will COVID-19 impact students graduating in 2020? Do you have any advice or suggestions for support for students looking for internships entering the workforce in the Spring/Summer of 2020?

We’re are not stopping internships because that is truly a relationship built between the employer and the student. I do not anticipate long term impacts to internships as a result of this virus. Students need the work experience and employers have discovered the value associated with investing in these students while they are in school – I suspect the opportunities will continue to exist. If I were a college student today I would be looking hard for internship opportunities. Such career develop is valuable and distinguishes one’s resume from the pack. Dr. Ty J. Handy, President, Jefferson Community and Technical College

At GLI, our mission is to provide value for our investors and we want to hear from you. What questions do you have about how your business should prepare or respond during this COVID-19 crisis?

We will continue to work diligently to present the best, most informative information to you on a regular basis.

Stay safe & healthy,
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom