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April 29, 2020 3:36pm

GLI’s Renewal Task Force submits re-opening proposal to Governor Andy Beshear and Governor Eric Holcomb

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (April 29, 2020) — GLI’s Renewal Task Force has submitted a proposal to Governor Andy Beshear and Governor Eric Holcomb to re-open business. The proposal incorporates federal, state, and clinical guidelines and best-practices as well as private industry and general public considerations. The recommendations were based on business input. GLI’s Renewal Task Force also incorporates specific points that are unique to metro areas.

It is critical that we protect the well-being of our workforce and communities, but it is also imperative that we approach each phase with careful operational consideration for small, medium, and large companies operating across-sectors in both urban and rural environments. “Greater Louisville is fortunate to have a diverse metro economy built on five core business sectors in addition to significant retail, hospitality and tourism offerings across our region. We believe firm phased standards, supported by effective best practices, will provide the necessary confidence for companies, workers and consumers across industries,” said Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, President & CEO of GLI.

The Healthy at Work in Greater Louisville proposal looked at five core industries for recommendations – advanced manufacturing & logistics, hospitality & civic assets, retail & business services, education & training, and health-related businesses – and laid out phased recommended operational standards and best practices by sector to ensure businesses are best prepared to re-open operations.

Recommendations for phases one and two of operational standards include establishing and maintaining an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers, limiting meeting sizes and non-essential deliveries, implementing social distancing, conducting on-site temperature screening and requiring employees to report any and all symptoms or known contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19, restricting entry once safe social distancing capacity is reached, and establishing protocol for school dismissals and closings.

Businesses in health-related industries notably have some of the most stringent recommendations for operational standards. For those standards and more detail on the recommended strategies for all identified industries visit our Media Center.

Assuming operations have continued with no increase in employee illness, phase three would move toward a re-establishment of normal operations for all industries.

“This is the product of a tremendous amount of thoughtful effort and coordination from regional business and community leaders, and matches up well with the work that Louisville Metro Government is doing to ensure a safe re-opening of our economy. I commend GLI for this balanced approach of using government and health benchmarks to produce industry-driven recommendations for our region,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. “As we continue working with Gov. Beshear to begin lifting restrictions on businesses, GLI’s proposal will help drive important community-wide discussions on ways we can continue to prioritize the health and safety of our residents and workers.”

The report also includes a number of recommended best practices like considering staggered returns for employees, providing customers and visitors with PPE, establishing a pandemic response team and assigning a COVID-19 protocol coordinator and training strategy, considering workflow audits to assess/alter function that require workers to be within six feet of one another, limiting face-to-face interaction, discouraging employees to share food, adding signage to reinforce messaging, giving special consideration to workers and customers in more vulnerable populations, and much more.

In addition to the recommendations and outline of best practices, the report also mentions a number of concerns businesses have as they prepare strategies to re-open, including: the availability of PPE, strategies that will need to be implemented should a second wave of the pandemic occur, availability of testing and contact tracing, and childcare availability and its impact on the workforce.

“Our collective approach will have a lasting impact on our region and its citizens for years to come,” said Kerry Stemler, Chair of GLI’s Renewal Task Force. “We remain committed to the difficult work ahead by supporting business adherence to the finalized standards and encouraging the proposed best practices be incorporated.”


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