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April 14, 2020 5:00pm

Ambassador Spotlight: Eric Shadowens

Name: Eric Shadowens

Title: Senior Tax Manager

Company: DMLO CPAs

How long have you been a GLI Ambassador? About 6 months

What is your favorite part about being a GLI Ambassador? I’ve never been a great networker and have said you’ll likely find me hiding behind the fake plants in the corner at networking events. Being a GLI Ambassador allows me a reason to strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know and represent a great organization. I don’t want to sell to someone, but I want to create a relationship. Being an Ambassador allows me that opportunity. If I can get to know you better maybe I can help you with a referral in the future.

A fun fact about me is… My wife, Jan, and our dog, Mister, have a place at Nolin Lake that we like to go to on weekends. It is a great place to get away and enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like sitting outside on a screened porch during a rain or evening as the sun is setting. It is quite peaceful and helps us to recharge for the week ahead.

What is the best career advice you’ve received? I don’t know if it is advice, but I once had a tax manager who would drop everything to help me out when I had questions. It really stuck with me that even in his most stressed times he would do that and I try my best to pay it forward. There are plenty of young or new professionals out there who just need a small crutch to help them succeed. I compare it to the small child learning to ride a bike the first time. Sometimes it might take a 2nd, 3rd, or hundredth time, but it will pay off if you’re there to help them learn.

What does being a GLI investor mean to you? The first time I met with Terri Weber to discuss the Ambassador program she introduced me to 2 connections to network with. Sometimes you might join an organization and that just gets your name in the directory and then you may have to spend more funds to get more exposure. Being a GLI investor means that becoming active gets me exposed to others in the organization which may bring business, but definitely builds my network.

What is your favorite thing to do in Louisville? I’ve been a University of Louisville football season ticket holder for over 15 years and have only missed one home game due to a family illness. I sit through the entire games even in the down years. When I worked downtown, I would purposely drive surface roads to pass the stadium most days on my way home to Hikes Point. I enjoy supporting and attending games and proud UofL is a vital part of our city.

What do you do to make greater Louisville GREATER? I’m a diehard UofL fan and bleed red. I also bleed the city of Louisville. I want to see our city compete with other cities like Nashville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. I try to support local businesses especially in this time with the economy taking a huge gut punch in the last few months. We’re not able to be out and in groups due to COVID-19 so I try to support online by being active on LinkedIn interacting with my connections and support them with likes, comments or tags. Everyday can be a ribbon cutting on LinkedIn if you use it regularly.