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March 27, 2020 7:14pm

GLI Hosts Unemployment Insurance Webinar; Small Business, Advanced Manufacturing & Healthcare Virtual Roundtables Coming

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday! This has been a long week that has seen highs and lows, and I think we all know that it’s just the beginning. From record unemployment filings of more than 3,000,000 to landmark legislation bringing $2 trillion to the nation to help businesses and individuals persevere, COVID-19 has impacted each and every one of us.

But one of the most interesting things that I’ve noticed is how we have all come together to support one another through this crisis. From GLI’s perspective, our advocacy efforts helped to pass COVID-19 relief legislation in Kentucky, giving businesses relief from fees and administrative burdens, granting employers the needed flexibility to restructure their operations, and strengthening our unemployment system to respond to this crisis. We’ve also developed a comprehensive COVID-19 resource page, and we’re working hard to develop virtual events and programming that provide best practices and assistance to businesses in this pandemic.

But, by no means is GLI alone in the work we are doing. Many other organizations throughout the region and the state have banded together to develop solutions to problems that we didn’t even know were going to exist one month ago. Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) showed tremendous leadership in not only quickly reacting to close schools and keep children in our community safe, but they have also shown creativity in developing solutions to continue to provide much needed meals for the most disparate in our community, providing Chromebooks and free internet to those who need it, and developing non-traditional virtual curriculum to ensure our kids continue to learn.

KentuckianaWorks, in partnership with GLI, has also launched an initiative to support displaced workers and provide a job board where open opportunities can be accessed for all who are looking for work, as well as connecting HR professionals laying off workers with other HR professionals who are hiring.

Students at the University of Louisville’s J. B. Speed School of Engineering are using their 3-D printing technology to develop personal protective equipment (PPE) for local hospitals and clinics. The group has been working for almost a week and has already made more than 200 face shields to  be used in conjunction with face masks and respirators. Our business community has also stepped up.  So many are making PPE supply donations to the hospitals and even retro-fitting manufacturing lines to be able to make new PPE equipment.  If your company has supplies you are not using but think may accommodate a medical facility need (such as masks, footwear, gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields, protective gowns) please contact John Launius and he’ll connect you to a medical facility representative.

Finally, we want to recognize you for all that you have done to keep your employees and our community safe. We understand that each of us has to make difficult choices we never expected to have to make. But your perseverance to do the most you can for the safety and well-being of your employees and our community has not gone unnoticed. From supporting our local businesses to investing in takeout from our local restaurants, to modifying your operations to help develop much needed equipment for our hospitals and clinics, it’s because of you that we will come through this crisis stronger together.


  • Is your company doing something innovative to help our community during the COVID-19 crisis? We would like to hear from you so we can spread the good word and shine a light on all of the good work our region does. Click here to tell us. #BetterTogetherINKY
  • GLI is calling on companies who may have supplies that can easily transition to the healthcare sector. If your company has face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, or equipment that could be useful to hospital personnel in this time of need, please contact John Launius and she will coordinate an introduction to the supply chain leaders at the various hospital systems.


  • GLI hosted a webinar on understanding Kentucky’s updated Unemployment Insurance program. Deputy Secretary Josh Benton from the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet discussed the work the Cabinet is doing and answered questions from the audience. You can listen to the discussion here or review the question topics here.


GLI COVID-19 Help: Small Business Q&A with the SBA
Monday, March 30 ● 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

GLI recognizes the immediate impact COVID-19 has had on our local small businesses and with updates happening on a daily basis, we want to provide the timeliest information regarding small business resources and information. Join Tommie Causey, Lead Economic Development Specialist at the KY District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) along with David Oetken, Center Director for the Louisville Small Business Development Center for a discussion on the latest small business steps you should be taking and resources available. We are also excited to have Christy Jarboe with Louisville Forward join our presenters for the Q&A portion of the call.


GLI COVID-19 Help: Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Virtual Roundtable Wednesday

April 1 ● 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

The AML Network, in partnership with GLI, will host a webinar for industry leaders. The event will be an opportunity for AML Network companies to connect virtually with one another and community resources to discuss workforce, policy questions, and gather information about the current state of the industry in the era of COVID-19.


GLI COVID-19 Help: Healthcare Industry Virtual Roundtable
Thursday, April 2 ● 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Health Enterprises Network, in partnership with GLI, will be hosting a virtual Healthcare Forum with industry peers as we discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the health care industry, policy updates and how healthcare leaders are handling this crisis.



GLI COVID-19 Help: Virtual Roundtable with Mayor Greg Fischer, GLI and SBA Wednesday

April 1 ● 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m

Now is a time of uncertainty for many Kentuckians, including our small business community, as we battle against the spread of COVID-19. Local, state and federal government​s are identifying resources and implementing policy changes to help residents, businesses and nonprofits weather the economic repercussions of this fight. During the event, Mayor Fischer will field questions from members of local chambers of commerce and business associations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, its impacts and available resources. He will be joined by representatives from Louisville Forward, GLI and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Kentucky District Office. If you have questions you would like to submit for the roundtable, click here.

Other Updates:

  • GLI covers the twelfth week wrap up where the general assembly passes several important bills and state budget work continues under much tighter restraints due to COVID-19.
  • In accordance with the Federal filing deadlines described in a recent Notice, the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission will extend the 2019 LMRC Occupational License Tax Return (Form OL-3) or Extension Request (Form OL-3E) filing due date from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020. This change will be extended to all taxpayers for fiscal years ending December 31, 2019 – February 29, 2020.  Additionally, LMRC has shifted the April 15, 2020 quarterly deposit deadline to May 15, 2020 for entities required to file a quarterly estimated payment. All other LMRC deadlines will remain in place. For more information, please visit LMRC.
  • KET is launching a Learn At Home broadcast service beginning Monday, March 30th for students and teachers in response to the impact COVID-19 has had on schools. KET’s traditional lineup from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. will be replaced with a special lineup of programming that is specific to at-home learning for Pre-K through third grade, fourth through eighth grades, and ninth through twelfth grades. You can see an updated weekly schedule here.
  • For adult learners, KET is also offering workforce development programs through April 30th. Adult learners can access FastForward, a GED prep course, as well as Workplace Essential Skills, an online study system aimed at preparing adults for jobs in high demand career fields like IT, construction, advanced manufacturing and logistics.
  • ARGI Financial Group is hosting two live updates providing guidance on responding to the COVID-19 crisis from their Investments & Planning teams. Personal planning clients can join the updates every business day at 4:30 p.m. EDT; small business owners can join every Wednesday at 10 a.m.
  • StageOne launched a virtual storytelling and theatre-based instruction program through Channel StageOne. Content will be provided at least three times each week at 10 a.m. for students of various age groups. Programming will include online Storytellers performances, props tutorials, and other activities for the entire community to connect and create.
  • In an effort to maintain an adequate blood supply for Kentucky hospitals, the Kentucky Blood Center is expanding its donor center hours and urging donors to make appointments. Centers will be open from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Friday and 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturdays at least through April 11th to better accommodate those wishing to donate blood. Learn more here.

GLI is collecting the questions we’ve been asked about how COVID-19 impacts your business. To see those responses, click here. If you have a question that you would like answered, submit that below.

Investor Question of the Day: If employers do not lay off employees, are the employers expected to cover 12 weeks of a quarantined employee, or an employee caring for someone ill, and pay the normal PTO?  Can this person also receive short-term disability and/or unemployment?  

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act takes effect on April 2, 2020.  Covered employers must comply not only with the Act’s requirements, but any applicable state laws and their own paid time off and leave policies. Generally, employees who are on paid or unpaid family and medical-type leave will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.  Those employees may be eligible for short-term disability benefits for their own illness depending on coverage provided in the short-term disability benefit plan. Rebecca Weis, MemberStites & Harbison


Seven Steps to Lead Your Business in a Crisis – Guest Commentary by Mark McNultyActionCOACH

Let’s face it, none of us have ever been through a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no playbook, no Pandemic for Dummies books to read.  While there have been other crises in our lifetimes, this one is different because it’s not just a financial crisis, it is also a direct threat to our physical well-being as well.

As a business owner or leader, your team (and your family and community) needs you to guide them through the survival process.  Here are my Top 7 Steps you need to take to help them, to lead them.  I’m focused on your business here, and I’m sure you will be able to see how these apply outside the office as well.

  1. First, don’t panic. Your team is feeling Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), and the last thing they need to see or feel is that you are acting/leading based on FUD. Stay calm and cool, collect your thoughts, set your priorities and respond thoughtfully while avoiding emotional reactions. Be positive, find the wins every hour of every day.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. You need to be communicating regularly with your team, your customers, your suppliers, and your community. You should be communicating with your team multiple times per day. Establish new patterns of morning huddles and frequent check-ins with your team – use technology to facilitate this and to maintain safe distancing. Keep in touch with clients regularly, let them know what you are doing, what you are planning to do next, and educate them on why it is safe to continue doing business with you. Help remove their FUD.
  3. Don’t argue with the facts. We all have our opinions about what is going on, whose fault it is, and what others should be doing about it. What we shouldn’t do is get caught up in debating the facts of the situation. Instead, accept the facts and begin adapting to them. It is a fact that we are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, that people will be living their lives from home, that distribution methods will change and that supply chains will be interrupted.
  4. Save your resources. Eliminate all discretionary expenses (not investments like Sales and Marketing) and activities which do not contribute to cashflow. Use your credit, (extend it ASAP) and conserve your cash. Re-negotiate loan payments, leases, and other debt payments.
  5. Be prepared to make the tough decisions. One of your primary functions as a business owner/leader is to ensure that your business survives the crisis. You must do everything you can to make sure your business is still there when the crisis wanes. This will likely mean workforce reductions, which is very hard, but is another fact to deal with. Do it with compassion, but do it quickly and decisively, this is both a short-term and long-term business survival decision.
  6. Evaluate both your supply chain and your distribution methods. They have surely changed short-term, and possibly for the medium term as well. Find alternatives, consider new ways to buy and sell that meet your needs and the new buying patterns/methods of your customer base. Identify the weak links, the gaps, the opportunities, and make the changes necessary.
  7. Put your personal care either first or high on the list. Your team (family, community) need you to be healthy and to stay healthy to lead them through the duration of the crisis, and then to lead them some more as we come out of the crisis. This means eating well, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep. Find support groups (other business owners maybe) so you can maintain your mental health and sanity. If you aren’t 100% you can’t be there for your team when they need you.

We are in unprecedented times, and that calls for leadership.  Your teams are living in FUD and they need you more than ever.  Be the positive influence, look for small wins, help them through their days.

We will continue to work diligently to present the best, most informative information to you on a regular basis.

Stay safe & healthy,
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom