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June 12, 2020 3:42pm

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GLI News Brief

In recent days, I’ve had many conversations with business leaders and chamber members about how GLI considers serving as a convener for the important racial issues we face in our community. GLI strives to be a type of convener that will bring people and stakeholders together in a way that is thoughtful and joins the call for accountability and reform. During this pursuit of justice and healing, the business community must engage and collaborate in meaningful conversations aimed at uncovering the causes of racism and inequities in Greater Louisville

As such, GLI announced that we have established a Council to End Racism focusing on how oppression and injustice impacts local communities of color. This Council will help raise up our minority community through concerted efforts aimed at:

  • Building a stronger sense of belonging
  • Developing dedicated talent strategies
  • Identifying business advancement opportunities
  • Targeting ongoing policy work in relation to public education, workforce development and barriers, health care access, law enforcement and criminal justice reform.

Ralph De Chabert, senior vice president, chief diversity inclusion and global community relations officer for Brown-Forman Corp. will co-chair the committee, along with Cynthia Knapek, president of the Leadership Louisville Center. We will be asking many business leaders and community members to join us in serving this important mission.

These critical initiatives will also be woven throughout the fabric of our Strategic Plan to ensure that all of GLI’s work is done through the lens of equality and justice for all people.


The recent movement for equality and justice has led GLI to take a serious look at how we serve as the voice of the business community. We recognize that GLI has an opportunity to use that collective influence to highlight racial issues in Greater Louisville and join the call for accountability and reform.

Over the past week, we have listened and heard the concerns of our black and brown community members and business owners, and we acknowledge that much work remains to address inequities.

Let’s use our collective voice and lead by example. We can only succeed in a culture of inclusion, tolerance, dignity and respect for all.

Today, GLI urges all business and organization leaders to take a more active role in both supporting our businesses and community members of color and in lifting them up by openly listening and committing to help break down the barriers that have historically hindered this community.

We know words alone are inadequate, but now is the time to listen and build a deeper acknowledgement of racial issues and their impact on our communities of color. We acknowledge the great pain that is felt and the injustices that have led us here. As we find ways to put action behind these words, join us in committing to doing your part to highlight the racial issues that hold us back as a city and work toward a prosperous Louisville for all by signing this pledge.

In the coming days, GLI will be announcing additional ways you and your company can engage with the chamber on issues related to racial equity in our region. GLI is ready to serve as a convener in a manner that will drive accountability and reform.

Thank you for your consideration to join us in this commitment.


  • If your business was damaged as a result of the criminal behavior during the protests, you may qualify for a low interest SBA loan. Photograph and document the cost of repair, and submit that information to richard.bobo@louisville.ky.gov.
  • Congress has sent an important piece of legislation to President Trump’s desk that includes key changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to grant more flexibility for businesses to meet the program’s repayment requirements. Learn more here.
  • Kentucky Insurance Commissioner Sharon P. Clark is advising Kentucky business owners who have experienced damage as a result of criminal behavior during protests to contact their insurance companies or agents for assistance in filing claims for property damage. As with all insurance claims, policyholders should check their policies for the language but most commercial properties should have coverage for damages caused by theft, fire and vandalism. The exception would be if there are policy specific language that excludes this type of loss.
GLI recognizes our responsibility as a business leadership organization to work with others toward racial equity in our economy. We appreciate our minority board members who encouraged us to do this. We are ready to serve as a convener and engage on issues directly related to race and inequities in a manner that will drive accountability and reform. We are confident that business leaders stand ready to reflect and embrace ways we all can contribute toward a truly inclusive economy.
Stay safe & healthy,
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom