Greater Louisville Inc. The Metro Chamber of Commerce 2019 Chamber of the Year
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The Inner Chamber

The Lane Report Market Review Editorial: Louisville Swagger

Attitude is a pendulum that swings both ways.  Too much of it and you’re labeled cocky.  Too little and you fade into the background.  This region is at a crossroads economically, politically, and culturally.  Our attitude in the face of the challenges will determine our region’s trajectory for years to…

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2017 General Assembly a Win for the Business Community

The 2017 General Assembly represented the unknown in many ways. For the first time in over 90 years, Republicans took control of both legislative offices and the Governor’s mansion in Kentucky. GLI had high hopes for the shortened session, but even we were surprised by the amount of progress. Priorities…

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At the Crossroads: A Case for Road Aid Modernization

For the past 69 years, Kentucky has used the “formula of fifths” to determine the appropriation of road funds.  This formula was developed in 1948 when the state’s population was more dispersed.  However, much like the state of technology and modern medicine, our state’s circumstances have greatly evolved over the decades.

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West Louisville is OUR Louisville

West Louisville is a critical part of our community. In fact if it were its own city, it would be the 3rd largest in the state. Our region’s commerce and rich heritage started in settlements along the Ohio River and grew southwest. Over the years, businesses have invested millions of…

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The Case for Racial Healing

Healing the racial
divide that has so polarized parts of our city and our nation will take
commitment, perseverance and a whole lot of compassion.
This divide, born out of cynicism, mistrust
and neglect, didn’t open up overnight, and it won’t be closed quickly.  

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