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February 6, 2020 6:43pm

Workforce development bills to watch in KYGA20

With the 2020 legislative session in Frankfort quickly approaching the half-way mark, more and more bills are getting filed and some legislation is starting to show signs of life. On top of this, lawmakers are diving deeper into the budget process now that Governor Beshear has unveiled his biennial budget proposal.

Amidst all of the action, several lawmakers have filed bills that could help support workforce development and remove barriers to employment in regions like greater Louisville. A top priority for GLI in 2020 is supporting workforce development measures that will help employers deal with current workforce challenges, help attract and retain talent in our region, and serve to cultivate a more competitive homegrown workforce in greater Louisville.

GLI will be advocating for several workforce priorities in the forthcoming budget – including increased education funding and full funding for the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship. In the meantime, members of the business community should keep the bills below on their radar as the 2020 session continues to unfold. Read more about GLI’s 2020 workforce priorities here.

  • Senate Bill 56 (R. Alvarado) would improve the health of our workforce by bringing Kentucky into compliance with recent changes to federal law related to the minimum purchase age for tobacco products.
  • Senate Bill 110 (R. Alvarado) and House Bill 350 (C. McCoy) would help close achievement gaps and increase school choice by establishing a scholarship tax credit program.
  • Senate Bill 120 (J. Higdon) excludes from gross income student loan payments made by an employer.
  • House Bill 32 (J. Miller) addresses youth nicotine usage by establishing tax parity across all nicotine products, including vaping products and e-cigarettes.
  • House Bill 91 (D. Lewis) creates a tax credit program for employers that assist employees with paying off student loans.
  • House Bill 284 (D. Lewis) makes improvements to Kentucky’s probation system by establishing a probation credit program with a focus on education and workforce participation.
  • House Bill 327 (K. Bratcher) removes a major barrier to employment by increasing access to expungement.
  • House Bill 368 (J. Tipton) removes the requirement that a KEES recipient not be a convicted felon.
  • House Concurrent Resolution 52 (J. Raymond) creates the Kentucky Preschool Program Task Force to study expanded access to pre-K educational opportunities.