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October 10, 2018 9:45am

Top Pro-Growth Legislators from the 2018 Legislative Session

A key part of GLI’s efforts in preparing for an upcoming legislative session is taking full stock of the previous year’s wins and missed opportunities. This is how we begin the process of reprioritizing and strategizing for success in the next session. It also serves as a good reminder of the lawmakers who went to bat for the Greater Louisville business community by voting in line with GLI’s interests or even championing legislation to improve our region’s competitiveness.

Read below to see which legislators from the Greater Louisville region voted with GLI 90 percent of the time or more in the 2018 legislative session and also learn about the legislators who championed GLI-backed legislation. To see how all Greater Louisville legislators voted in relation to GLI interests in 2018, click here.

2018 Legislative Voting Record

Top pro-growth legislators from the Greater Louisville region*

2018 GLI Bill Champions

Legislators who sponsored GLI-backed legislation

To read about all bills backed by GLI in 2018 (as well as their sponsors), read our 2018 Legislative Outcomes publication.

Rep. Adam Koenig

Sponsor for House Bill 2, which ushered in the first comprehensive reforms of Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system in more than two decades and took a bold leap forward in improving the Commonwealth’s business competitiveness. One of GLI’s top legislative priorities for 2018, House Bill 2 improves the quality and effectiveness of care for injured workers by establishing treatment and formulary guidelines and introduces a range of measures to keep costs affordable for Greater Louisville employers.  This bill has already led to savings for Kentucky employers and comes with an estimated $12.5 million annual economic impact in Greater Louisville.

Rep. Jonathan Shell

Sponsor of House Bill 3, which incorporated essential skills training in K-12 education curriculum. This legislation will go a long way in addressing the lack of soft skills identified in our workforce by regional employers. The incorporation of these skills into public school curriculum is a vital step forward in building a globally competitive workforce right here in Greater Louisville.

Sen. David Givens

Sponsor of Senate Bill 152, which authorized local school districts to offer increased monetary incentives to teachers working in priority schools. Jefferson County Public Schools is already putting this legislation to use by paying bonuses to teachers in the district’s lowest-performing schools. Read more about the positive impact of Senate Bill 152 in Jefferson County here.

Rep. Addia Wuchner

Sponsor of House Bill 4, which allowed for confidential peer review for Kentucky’s medical professionals. Kentucky was previously the only state in the country not to allow for confidential peer review. House Bill 4 sends a signal to health care companies and professionals throughout the country that the Commonwealth is serious about reforming its legal liability climate and ensuring the highest quality of care for patients.

Rep. Chad McCoy

Sponsor of House Bill 400, which created a new system for direct shipment of bourbon and wine to customers. House Bill 400 will help create jobs, generate more revenues for state and local governments, and satisfy tourists’ number one demand when they visit distilleries in Greater Louisville.

Rep. James Tipton

Sponsor of House Bill 513, which gave regional water and wastewater treatment districts the ability to acquire assets outside of their jurisdictional boundaries. With a number of distressed water and wastewater systems in Kentucky and rising environmental costs, opportunities provided by this legislation to consolidate treatment services can streamline operations, help communities deal with rising costs, and facilitate economic development.

Rep. Ken Fleming

Co-sponsor of House Bill 366, which brought about several much-needed reforms to Kentucky’s antiquated tax code, including simplified and reduced corporate and individual income tax rates, increases to the cigarette tax, adoption of a single-factor sales apportionment formula, and a new inventory tax credit, just to name a few.

Rep. Ed Clere (Indiana)

Author of House Bill 1317, which authorized a study of the Nurse Licensure Compact in Indiana during the 2018-2019 interim. Sen. Ron Grooms, also from the GLI region, co-sponsored this bill. This legislation took an important step forward in bringing Indiana into the NLC, which help to establish a seamless licensure process for nurses and health care providers in our region.