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July 1, 2020 9:20am

Kentucky 2020 Primary Election Wrap-up

One week after election day, full results are now available for Kentucky’s 2020 primary election. Results were delayed due to COVID-19 and a high number of absentee ballots.

The election set the stage for the Commonwealth’s U.S. Senate race as well as other key races in November and saw several candidates in certain races win seats to Metro Council and the General Assembly.

U.S. Senate

The Democratic primary for US Senate came down to the wire with Amy McGrath (D) pulling out a victory over Rep. Charles Booker (D) with 45.1% compared to Booker’s 43%.  McGrath will face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) in November.

U.S. House

Following the June primary, races for U.S. House seats in Greater Louisville will include the following. *Incumbents are listed in italics. Find your representative and congressional district.

  • District 2: Hank Linderman (D) vs. Brett Guthrie (R)
  • District 3: John Yarmuth (D) vs. Rhonda Palazzo (R) or Mike Craven (R) – this race had not yet been called as of July 1, 2020.
  • District 4: Alexandra Owensby (D) vs. Thomas Massie (R)
  • Indiana District 9: Andy Ruff (D) vs. Trey Hollingsworth (R)

State Legislative Elections

There were a handful of close legislative races with unknown outcomes until final vote counts were submitted to the Board of Elections this afternoon. Several incumbent legislators were defeated and for the first time in roughly 10 years a Democrat won a seat which had been held by a Republican in the state Senate. Karen Berg (D) defeated Bill Ferko (R) in the special election called to fill the seat vacated by the retirement of Ernie Harris in Jefferson and Oldham Counties. Other state legislative results of interest:

Incumbents Beaten in Primary

  • Eastern Kentucky: Sen. Albert Robinson (R) was beaten by Brandon Storm (R), an attorney from London, in a three way race. Storm faces Walter Trebolo (D) in November.
  • Central/Eastern Kentucky: Rep. Travis Brenda (R) lost by less than 100 votes to Josh Bray (R), a City Administrator. Bray has no opponent in November.
  • Central/Eastern Kentucky: Rep. Les Yates (R) was beaten by Ryan Dotson (R), a local pastor in the GOP primary. Dotson faces Kenny Blair (D) who won the Democrat primary.

New State Legislators & Re-Elected Legislators in Greater Louiville

These candidates were elected to new terms in the General Assembly joining the 28 legislators unopposed this election cycle that don’t have a general election opponent in November. *Incumbents are listed in italics.


  • David Yates (D) – filling the seat vacated by Perry Clark


  • Nima Kulkarni (D)
  • Charlie Miller (D)
  • Tom Burch (D)
  • Pamela Stevenson (D) – filling the seat vacated by Charles Booker
  • David Osborne (R) – Speaker of the House

These candidates from the Greater Louisville region did not face a primary challenger and do not have a general election challenger. *Incumbents are listed in italics.


  • Morgan McGarvey (D)
  • Gerald Neal (D)
  • Denise Harper Angel (D)


  • Jim DuPlessis (R)
  • Josie Raymond (D)
  • Mary Lou Marzian (D)
  • Lisa Willner (D)
  • McKenzie Cantrell (D)
  • Attica Scott (D)
  • Reggie Meeks (D)
  • Joni Jenkins (D)

General Assembly Match-Ups in November 2020 (Greater Louisville only)

The Greater Louisville region will see several state legislative races in November with Republican and Democratic challengers. Those are listed below. *Incumbents are listed in italics.

There are no contested state Senate races in Greater Louisville in November 2020. Republicans control the Kentucky State Senate, 28-10. Find your legislators and legislative district.

House (Republicans currently control the House, 62-38)

  • Dean Schamore (D) vs. Josh Calloway (R)
  • Samara Heavrin (R) vs. Jacob Clark (L)
  • Russell Webber (R) vs. Daniel Randall (L)
  • Brian Chism (D) vs. Nancy Tate (R)
  • Suzanne Kugler (D) vs. Kevin Bratcher (R)
  • Tina Bojanowski (D) vs. G. Hunt Rounsavall (R)
  • Margaret Plattner (D) vs. Jason Nemes (R)
  • Jeff Grammer (D) vs. Jerry Miller (R)
  • Jeff Donohue (D) vs. Jimmy Maricle (R)
  • Al Gentry (D) vs. Bob Devore (R)
  • Jack Couch (D) vs. Felicia Raboum (R)
  • Maria Sorolis (D) vs. Ken Fleming (R)
  • Jonathan Cacciatore (D) vs. Thomas Huff (R) vs. Chad Rushing (L)
  • Kory Miller (D) vs. Chad McCoy (R)
  • Dustin Burley (D) vs. James Tipton (R)

Supreme Court

Incumbent Justice Sam Wright won’t be returning to the Supreme Court in 2021, as he ran third in the primary for the 7th District Supreme Court seat, and only the top two vote getters move on to the general election in November. It will be Robert Conley vs Chris Harris in November.

Louisville Metro Council

Half of Metro Council’s 26 seats are up for election in 2020. Democrats control Metro Council, 19-7. Metro Council District Maps.

These candidates are unchallenged in the November general election. *Incumbents are listed in italics.

  • District 4: Jacorey Arthur (D) – seat vacated by Barbara Sexton-Smith
  • District 8: Cassie Chambers Armstrong (D) – seat vacated by Brandon Coan
  • District 10: Pat Mulvihill (D)
  • District 12: Rick Blackwell (D)
  • District 20: Stuart Benson (R)
  • District 24: Madonna Flood (D)
  • District 26: Brent Ackerson (D)

Metro Council Match-Ups in November 2020

  • District 2: Barbara Shanklin (D) vs. Folly Aboussa (R)
  • District 6: David James (D) vs. Kristina Smith (R)
  • District 14: Cindi Fowler (D) vs. Michael Powell (R)
  • District 16: James Michael Green (D) vs. Scott Reed (R)
  • District 18: Mera Kathryn Corlett (D) vs. Marilyn Parker (R)