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December 21, 2016 3:46pm

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

It has been over a month since a wave of red swept through Kentucky. Now that the dust has settled and Kentucky is preparing for its first GOP-controlled legislative session, the Commonwealth has some certainty as to the direction of some priorities for the 2017 General Assembly. With Republicans now possessing the highest elected seat in the Commonwealth and a supermajority in both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly, several core priorities of the Greater Louisville business community are now much more feasible.

GLI’s mission is to help the Greater Louisville region grow faster and one way to positively impact the business environment is through public policy. Every GLI policy position is viewed through the lens of how it impacts economic growth or cultivates talent in a positive way.

Even with divided government, several of GLI’s priorities made it to the Governor’s desk for his signature this year. Public Private Partnerships (P3), Expungement Reform, Distillery Modernization, Principal Selection, and changes to Pharmacy law were in our win column. Even though there were some missed opportunities from last session, we are now hopeful that many of our perennial priorities will finally see passage in the New Year.

Our priorities can be found in GLI’s 2017 State Legislative Agenda. Some of the significant proposals include comprehensive tax reform, with an emphasis on local control; right to work; legal reform, including tort reform and requiring a bond to alleviate the number of appeals that delay redevelopment projects; repealing prevailing wage; authorizing Charter schools; pension reform; and workers compensation reform.  GLI will continue advocating for bi-partisan measures such as criminal justice reform, public benefit corporations, and the angel investment tax credit.

The first gavel of the 2017 regular session will soon be here on the heels of the holiday season. From the first week of floor and committee activities to Governor Matt Bevin’s State of the Commonwealth address, our policy team will have plenty to share in January.

Happy Holidays from the GLI Advocacy Team!