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May 30, 2019 9:23am

GLI joins coalition urging support for the Dream and Promise Act

Today, Greater Louisville Inc., The Metro Chamber of Commerce, is among 60 business organizations from 26 states calling on Congressional leadership to pass the Dream and Promise Act to give a path to citizenship to Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders. In an open letter, business leaders recognize the important role immigrant populations play in keeping our workforce young and competitive, contributing to the tax base, and creating jobs for all Americans.

See the full text of the letter.

May 30, 2019

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Leader McCarthy, and Leader Schumer:

As business leaders representing our nation’s most important industries and regional economies, we are committed to promoting economic growth and job creation for all Americans. From manufacturing to agriculture, and from Main Street to Fortune 500 companies, the United States economy relies on our diverse, talented workforce to drive the country forward. That is why we are calling on Congress to pass bipartisan legislation to create permanent protections for Dreamers and those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These protections would allow immigrants in our communities and across the country to continue to pursue their education, contribute to our labor force and tax base, and start new businesses that create jobs.

Nationwide, there are 1.25 million Dreamers—immigrants brought to the United States as children—who are eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. At the same time, 318,000 immigrants nationwide hold TPS protections that allow them to work in the United States, rather than facing life-threatening instability in their home countries. The current administration has attempted to terminate both programs, and while legal challenges have kept the programs alive for now, these immigrants could soon face deportation, often after decades in the United States. These immigrants are driving economic growth in our communities.

According to New American Economy, individuals eligible for DACA together earn $23 billion in total household income each year and contribute $4 billion of that income to federal, state, and local taxes that keep our metro areas moving. TPS holders, hailing from countries like El Salvador, Haiti, and Honduras, are making similarly important contributions: Overall, this population holds $5.8 billion in spending power and the majority have lived in the United States for 20 years. Ninety-three percent of DACA-eligible immigrants and 94 percent of TPS holders were employed in 2017.

Deporting these community members—including workers and employers, consumers and homeowners—would not only be devastating to families but also to local economies. Data from the Cato Institute estimates that deporting individuals who already have DACA status would cost the federal government over $60 billion, with an additional $280 billion in lost economic growth over the next decade. Deporting TPS holders from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti alone would cost taxpayers $3.1 billion. With national unemployment at near-record lows, this is a scenario we simply cannot afford.

While federal court injunctions are keeping DACA and TPS protections on life support, the uncertainty around these programs is preventing our immigrant neighbors from realizing their potential—as doctors, teachers, engineers, or entrepreneurs—to everyone’s detriment. There are several proposals to protect DACA and TPS, including the American Dream and Promise Act in the House and the Dream Act and the SECURE Act in the Senate. Americans of all kinds agree that a solution is necessary.

As chambers of commerce, we cannot allow politics to stand in the way of economic growth. That is why last month, nearly 20 chambers of commerce from major metros across the country convened in Los Angeles to discuss the importance of immigration to our metro areas and build our agenda on this issue moving forward. But only Congress has the power to enact a real solution. We call on you to pass a bipartisan deal to protect DACA and TPS holders now.

Our industries need that deal—and it will also lay the groundwork for the type of broader, commonsense immigration reforms that we need to compete globally. It’s time for Congress to put politics aside and do the right thing for our young people and for our economy. Our businesses and our communities depend on it.


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