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March 12, 2020 8:46pm

GLI-backed criminal justice bills move one step closer to law

A top GLI priority bill that would remove barriers to employment and workforce participation came one step closer to final passage this afternoon. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of House Bill 327, sponsored by Representative Kevin Bratcher (R-Louisville). This legislation would require courts to automatically order the expungement of criminal charges that result in an acquittal or dismissal. House Bill 327 would help more Kentuckians find employment and ensure more individuals with past run-ins with the law are able to get their records expunged.

GLI’s Director of Public Policy Development, Charles Aull, testified in support of the bill alongside Senator Mike Nemes (R-Shepherdsville) who presented the bill in committee.

House Bill 327 now heads to the full Senate for a vote. After approval by the Senate, the bill will return to the House for concurrence with the Senate’s changes.

Senate Judiciary also approved House Bill 284, sponsored by Representative Derek Lewis (R-London). This legislation will support workforce development and reduce incarceration rates by incentivizing more individuals on probation to work and pursue educational and training opportunities.