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July 15, 2015 7:01pm

GLI Advocacy Ramps Up Issue Advisory Committees Ahead of 2016 General Assembly

2015 General Assembly, we barely knew you. With this year’s session in the rear view, it is time again to begin determining the top legislative issues for Greater Louisville businesses in 2016. In the coming weeks, GLI’s Issue Advisory Committees will be crafting GLI’s 2016 Legislative Platform.

Each year, GLI relies on its established committee structure to ensure that the full array of business issues is represented in its advocacy efforts. GLI has seven Issue Advisory Committees, each of which proposes top issues to support or oppose to the Public Policy Council. The Public Policy Council, which is made up of Issue Advisory Committee chairs and several top investors, then determines what policy priorities will be represented in GLI’s legislative platform.

The following committees are meeting this summer to determine top priorities for GLI’s advocacy efforts:

Bi-State Issue Advisory Committee addresses legislative issues that concern both Kentucky and Indiana

Business Leaders for Education addresses issues related to primary, secondary, and postsecondary education as well as workforce training and talent attraction

Economic Development and Workplace Issue Advisory Committee addresses economic development, competitiveness, and labor issues

Environment and Energy Issue Advisory Committee addresses legislative and regulatory issues that impact Greater Louisville businesses

Health Care Issue Advisory Committee addresses issues related to health care insurers, providers, and recipients within the regional business community

Tax and Fiscal Policy Issue Advisory Committee addresses issues related to Kentucky’s tax code and state budget

Transportation and Infrastructure Issue Advisory Committee addresses issues related to all modes of transportation including transit, air, waterways, highways, pedestrian, and rail

GLI’s Issue Advisory Committees are comprised of more than 300 business leaders from across the Greater Louisville region. It is through the Issue Advisory Committee process that GLI determines stances on all issues on the local, state, and federal levels. This summer, the committees will be reviewing and revising GLI’s platform for the year ahead. The 2016 platform will be revealed at GLI’s Elected Officials Appreciation Dinner on November 16th.

>>>If you are interested in joining one of GLI’s Issue Advisory Committees, please contact Joe Geoghegan at 502.625.0056 or email him at jgeoghegan@greaterlouisville.com.