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September 21, 2020 2:54pm

ELECTION 2020: Responses to GLI’s 2020 Candidate Survey

To support members of the Greater Louisville business community in preparing for the 2020 General Election on November 3, GLI has asked candidates for elected office in our region about their views on a range of key policy issues. Topics include COVID-19 relief, economic development, workforce, criminal justice, and more. Candidate surveys were not sent out to every race for elected office in Greater Louisville. Candidates for key offices with regional impact – such as Congress, state legislative races,  Metro Council, and the Jefferson County Board of Education – received surveys. In addition, GLI staff focused on collecting responses from candidates in races with at least two candidates.

While GLI does not endorse candidates for elected office, we strongly encourage business leaders to engage in the electoral process and to be as informed as possible when filling out their ballots. Responses to GLI’s 2020 Candidate Survey play a key role in helping keep business leaders informed. Read also about GLI’s local, state, and federal policy priorities and view our 2020 Legislative Outcomes Report.

Click a candidate’s name below to to read their responses to GLI’s 2020 Candidate Survey. If a candidate’s name is NOT hyperlinked, then GLI has not yet received a response from them. If you are a candidate for one of the races listed below, email us about getting your responses added. 

Key Resources

U.S. Senate

  • Amy McGrath (D)
  • Mitch McConnell (R)

U.S. House

Kentucky District 2

  • Hank Linderman (D)
  • Brett Guthrie (R)

Kentucky District 3

Kentucky District 4

  • Alexandra Owensby (D)
  • Thomas Massie (R)

Indiana District 9

Indiana Governor

  • Woody Myers (D)
  • Eric Holcomb (R)

Kentucky State Senate

District 19

  • Morgan McGarvey (D)

District 33

  • Gerald Neal (D)

District 35

  • Denise Harper Angel (D)

District 37

  • David Yates (D)

Kentucky House of Representatives

District 10

District 18

District 21

  • John Pennington (D)
  • Bart Rowland (R)

District 25

  • Jim DuPlessis (R)

District 26

  • Russell Webber (R)
  • Randall Daniel (L)

District 27

District 28

  • Charles Miller (D)

District 29

District 30

  • Tom Burch (D)

District 31

  • Josie Raymond (D)

District 32

District 33

District 34

  • Mary Lou Marzian (D)

District 35

  • Lisa Willner (D)

District 36

District 37

District 38

  • McKenzie Cantrell (D)

District 40

District 41

  • Attica Scott (D)

District 42

  • Reginald Meeks (D)

District 43

  • Pamela Stevenson (D)

District 44

  • Joni Jenkins (D)

District 46

  • Al Gentry (D)
  • Bob DeVore (R)

District 48

District 49

  • John Cacciatore (D)
  • Thomas Huff (R)

District 50

District 53

District 59

Indiana State Senate

  • No Indiana State Senate seats in the Greater Louisville region are up for election in 2020.

Indiana House of Representatives

District 66

  • Terry Goodin (D)
  • Zach Payne (R)

District 70

  • Karen Engleman (R)

District 71

  • Rita Fleming (D)

District 72

  • Erica Lawrence (D)
  • Ed Clere (R)

District 73

  • Steve Davisson (R)

Louisville Metro Council

District 2

  • Barbara Shanklin (D)
  • Folly Aboussa (R)

District 6

  • David James (D)
  • Kristi Smith (R)

District 14

  • Cindy Fowler (D)
  • Michael Powell (R)

District 16

District 18

Jefferson County School Board

District 2

  • Chris Kolb
  • Jody Hurt

District 7