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February 21, 2020 11:52am

City & county tax reform bill filed in the Kentucky House

“Greater Louisville Inc. applauds Representative Michael Meredith’s leadership on a long-time priority for our chamber of commerce. The constitutional amendment proposed by House Bill 475 is necessary to give city and county governments in Kentucky increased flexibility in generating revenues and allow them to develop forward-thinking, business-friendly tax systems to compete and thrive in the 21st century. This is important not only for providing key services and meeting obligations but for economic development and future growth as well.

We look forward to working with the General Assembly in advancing this critical piece of legislation and empowering city and county governments with the freedom to make their tax systems more attractive to businesses and be granted the autonomy to transition away from occupational licensing fees toward other revenue generators.”

-Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, President & CEO of Greater Louisville Inc.  

Read GLI’s op-ed about the need for city and county government tax reform in Kentucky.