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March 26, 2020 5:54pm

Alcohol-Direct Shipment Bill heads to the Governor

This afternoon, the General Assembly gave final passage to House Bill 415, which will allow for the direct shipment of alcohol to consumers. This GLI-backed legislation, sponsored by Representative Adam Koenig, creates a framework to allow spirits, wine, and beer producers to ship their products directly to their customers in Kentucky.  The bill will serve to strengthen Kentucky’s signature industry – Bourbon – and support our growing wine and craft beer sectors.

In 2018, GLI supported House Bill 400, which opened to the door to direct-to-customer shipment of alcohol in the Commonwealth. Representative Koenig’s House Bill 415 builds on this legislation and clears up legal ambiguities that emerged after passage of House Bill 400 in 2018.

The bill clarifies that only alcohol producers can ship alcohol to customers. It also establishes limits on how much alcohol customers can get delivered in certain time frames and clarifies a workable tax structure to ensure fairness. In addition, the bill outlines rules for shipping and compliance for shippers and producers.

House Bill 415 will open up new economic opportunities across the Commonwealth and help spirits, wine, and alcohol producers in Kentucky grow their businesses.