GLIDE 2017 Explores the Unexpected in Nashville

3/15/2017 09:27:29 AM

“GLIDE Nashville will focus on the unexpected reasons why pro-business city is able to attract and retain talented professionals, generate hundreds of spin-off businesses, succeed as a top tourist destination, and embrace creativity to craft a vibrant community,” Kent Oyler, GLI’s President & CEO, said.


#WINNING: GLI’s Regional Economic Development Partnership Starts 2017 Strong

3/15/2017 09:26:31 AM

GLI’s Economic Development team is off to a stellar start with 6 company locations and expansions in 2017.


At the Crossroads: A Case for Road Aid Modernization

3/15/2017 09:24:31 AM

Since we are still funding roads based on an outdated formula, the areas where the majority of Kentuckians live, work, and drive are receiving the least amount of road funding.   Local roads in metropolitan areas account for 39 percent of miles driven in Kentucky, yet only receive 16 percent of the state’s road funds.


INVESTOR SPOTLIGHT: First Kentucky Trust

3/15/2017 09:20:11 AM

First Kentucky Trust provides comprehensive wealth management and trust administration solutions for our clients on a personalized basis. We focus our approach to coincide with our clients’ financial goals and objectives.


Welcome to the Club: March’s New Investors & Renewals

3/15/2017 09:15:12 AM

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the companies who have joined GLI and those who have renewed this month.


GLI’s Tiered Investment Structure

3/15/2017 09:08:46 AM

Our organization wants to give you plenty of time, two years in fact, to learn about these changes and plan accordingly.


RevIt Accelerates Local Startups’ Marketing Game

3/1/2017 10:13:59 AM

“We came in with an idea of our problem and the experts from Doe-Anderson helped us really break it down into manageable steps to move us towards our goals,” Jeremiah Chapman, Founder & CEO of FreshFry, said.  “It was also great to have confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.


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